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It’s Cranberry Time Again!

I just LOVE cranberries!

The gorgeous red color, their tart, unique flavor, the memories they bring to mind from holidays past.

 Here’s a link to one of my favorite cranberry muffin recipes:

 Cranberry Wheatgerm Muffins.



And here’s another pic that brings Christmas holidays and childhood snow days to mind:



Happy Baking and I do hope  you are also enjoying a winter wonderland, where you are!

It’s Muffin Time Again!

I’ve been having quite a productive day here (my favorite kind). 😉 Hope you are as well. I even posted at both of my blogs and found the time to visit many of my favs. too!

This is a cranberry-wheatgerm muffin recipe I’ve been tweaking for a while and the results are both yummy and healthier too. In my efforts to reduce/eventually eliminate “white” empty calorie  ingredients from new recipes, these are made completely with whole grains.

To still obtain a moist, finer-textured muffin, I used a sifted (pastry type) whole wheat flour. These are not too sweet and very satisfying too. I hope you’ll let me know if you give them a try. Happy Cooking!

See complete recipe on page 2

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