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Making Chili? Try These Cornbread Muffins! :<)

I made a big batch of Slow-Cooker Chili yesterday and thought some cornbread muffins or scones would be nice to go with it. Instead of my usual stand-by recipes, I decided to take a browse online and found this one at the Land O Lakes site:

Sour Cream Cornbread Muffins.

These muffins were wonderful!  

I don’t know why the comments/reviews on the site vary so much about these, some people loved them and others ..not so much.

I did tweak the recipe a bit:

-Instead of milk I used water .

– I baked them at 400F not 425F to avoid overbrowning.

-Also, DO use paper liners when you make these. I was out of liners and they were a bit hard to get out of the tin afterwards.

-I made 8 large muffins instead of 12.

I wish I had my own photo to share but the last 3 were finished off at breakfast today with cherry jam. Joe is a “hearty” eater, nuff said! 😉

Happy Baking and Happy New Year. 🙂

On the Menu Tonight: Black/Turtle Bean Soup with Cornbread Scones

It’s another cool, grey, rainy day here in Interior BC.

I’ve got lots on the go with projects this weekend so I  decided to make a nice big pot of Black Bean Soup with Cornbread Scones for supper, so easy and delish.

Here’s the recipe for my version of this classic bean soup. It’s a little bit spicy and oh so satisfying.

And a perfect warm-up dinner on a day like today.

The Cornbread Scones are a new recipe from my upcoming cookbook so that one, I can’t share (yet)! 😉

What are you cooking this weekend?

Happy Cooking and Happy Weekend! 🙂