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Meal-in-a-Bowl Cabbage Soup


I was browsing through some “old” photos over at my Flickr account the other day and came across this one for Meal-in-a-Bowl Cabbage Soup from Not Just for Vegetarians.

With winter almost getting ready to bid us “farewell” (fingers-crossed) I still think there are quite a few perfect “soup days” to come. 

I think every day is a good soup day actually LOL.  I   all kinds of soups and in the spring summer, winter and fall! . 😉


This is a very filling and flavorful, “chunky-style” vegetable soup. If you like cabbage, you’re going to love this soup.

When I make this recipe, I don’t bother with side dishes or add-ons. Maybe a slice of bread but nothing else.

Makes a generous batch too. I hope you enjoy it soon. 🙂

See page 2 for complete recipe.

Happy Cooking 🙂

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