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A Mr. Cheddar Haiku: Back on Bug Patrol!

It’s official! Bug Season has arrived  and earlier than expected this year.

Mr. Cheddar, Fearless Bug Warrior is once again back on Bug Patrol. 😉

He already caught and ate a couple of “juicy” flys in the past couple of days. Yummm….Goooood eatin’ 😉

FYI, I did check with our amazing vet re: cats eating bugs and she assured me that it’s fine for them, in moderation. Mr. Cheddar usually only partakes of 2-3 bugs in any given week (that I know about!) as he is a house feline.

Thankfully NO grasshoppers, as was the case with my other cats, when they had access to a back yard. Yuck! 😦 Sometimes they’d bring them to the back door as “a gift” too. 😉

Hope you enjoy this encore haiku and photo from the fab Mr. Cheddar.

He’s a happy camper now that Bug Season is here once again. 😉

Ched Perkie: Feline P.I. !!! ;<)

ched perkie

Mr. Cheddar has been exploring some intriguing employment options for the new year.

He’s considering becoming a private eye!

What do you think? He certainly suits the costume. 🙂  

Mr. Cheddar is such a perkie guy and he can definitely get into those hard to reach places where other investigators would fear to tread.

Call Ched Perkie: Feline PI!

That’s fifty kibbles a day, plus expenses. 😉