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Nubia: Mice oh Mice such tasty things‚Ķ *Includes Competition*

Mr. Cheddar was SOOOO excited to read about this cat contest, ūüėČ shared by his new feline pal: Nubia (what a cutie!) ūüôā

Stop by to read more and to enter the contest.

Some interesting eco-friendly/upcycled cat toys available and a super grand prize coming up too!

Have a purrrrfect week, Mr. C and G 

Source: Nubia: Mice oh Mice such tasty things… *Includes Competition*

A CATIO is Now on Mr. Cheddar’s Wish List ;-)

ched catio

Have you ever seen/heard of a CATIO?

If you have a cat(s) this is such a great idea for a beautiful and safe environment for them to “chill out” in. ¬†

Hopefully Mr. Cheddar will have one of his own by this fall.¬†We are planning to move by then and building one of these for him is on the list of “to do’s” when that happens.¬†

Check out some amazing photos at the Catio Showcase.  Wow, cat luxury and how!

Chedster particularly liked the Koi Pond feature. ūüėČ

Happy Weekend! 

Mr. Cheddar and I Have Been Searching for Mice!


I want to make a couple of new mice toys for Mr. Cheddar and also for some feline gifts too.

The¬†Chedster¬†is kind of bored with the “store-bought” mice he has right now, like the one in the photo above.

“Yawn….sigh Meowmie. I need¬†new mice, preferably the wiggling kind!”¬†Mr. Cheddar says.


Well, no way on the “wiggling kind” but I am more that happy to make some new catnip knit/crochet mice for him.

Wow, you’d think that would be an easy-peasy pattern to find. NOT. ūüė¶¬†I looked online at many sites in the past few days. Nada. Some didn’t look like mice at all. Some had complicated or untested patterns. Some had questionable “parts” sew -on eyes etc. Some were…just plain sad.

I finally found a knitted (had planned to crochet but what the heh!) mouse¬†pattern over at: The Kat’s Scratch Pad for Nibbles the Mouse¬†that looks adorable.

Nibbles¬†is one cute mouse¬†and the pattern sounds like it would work out just fine. Now I need to get some “mousey” colored yarn (Ched likes authentic mice!)¬†and get knitting.

Speaking of knitting projects, my Fair Isle Cardigan is on the home stretch. I’m working on the yoke section right now. Slow going with all those stitches across a row but it looks great.

And yes, I finally found some perfect (I hope) buttons, over at Etsy. (click to visit this shop)

The buttons are coming all the way from Hong Kong so it will take a while to know if they are as perfect as they look to be, in this pic, to finish my sweater. Made from cut shells and painted. I think they are so nice! Great price too, including the postage. Some buttons I looked at were SO expensive and not as nice as these look.

Contrast color yarn I was trying to match.

What do you think? I like the pearly look to these buttons too. ūüôā

I’m still working on my cable headband. Half-way there, maybe still time to wear it this winter if I hurry LOL. ūüėČ

And I need more yarn to complete my patchwork blanket/throw.

That’s it for the knitting news! Now me and Chedster are¬†off to search for some “mouse yarn”.¬† ūüôā

A Mr. Cheddar Review: The ScratchKabin

Mr. Cheddar here…

Happy New Year to all my feline friends and yes, their  human kibble-providers too.

I hope it was a great holiday for all you felines and that the gifts were plentiful and as you specified! Those humans can mess up the simplest of requests at times, snort!!!

In terms of my own “haul” one item in particular stands out that I simply had to share with all of you. Not only was the product itself marvelous, it also came in a very large cardboard box! And we all love those big boxes, don’t we? ūüėČ

After the box was thoroughly checked out it was time to move on to the exciting contents it had packaged.

Drum roll please!

May I present, The ScratchKabin: 

Did I mention that it comes with a mouse! Yippee!!!!


Talk about comfort and relaxation. I’m in feline heaven in my new hiding/snoozing place!

And how’s this for another bonus.

The outside is all carpet-covered and ready for my trusty claws. A scratching I will go!!!

Talking about a nice scratchy item. This mouse rocks!

He is rather durable though, I haven’t finished him off¬† yet but tomorrow’s another day. Snort!!!

Meowmie¬†and I had only one small complaint about the new ScratchKabin. The pad and cover that came with it was IMNSHO, a bit thin. I like ample padding when I’m snoozing. I’m sure all you felines can relate!

Easy fix though, Meowmie is making a new quilted cover for the pad this week. In the meantime, I’m using a cushion that I already had.


Overall, I would definitely give the¬†ScratchKabin the Ched “Paw’ s UP”.

Comfort, privacy, just the right size (and I am almost 15 lbs.of muscle and fur!!!), sturdy construction, love the gorgeous Blueberry carpet and oh so sensual feeling on my claws! The added mouse was a nice touch too. Never enough critters!

The ScratchKabin is available here. Humans can read all about many other exciting products available too. And heh, what better creature to spend the moola on than your feline pal, right?Some interesting choices for outdoor felines too.

All and all, they seem to¬† have their thinking caps on. Must be some felines on the staff, I’m guessing.

And btw, if they do need a  SpokesCat look no further. I am very photogenic and only an email away.

Chiao for now, The Ched!