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Classic Ched: A Photo Gallery

I am temporarily without a camera (that works that is!). The rechargeable Nikon batteries that came with it, finally went kaput! I’ve been checking out replacements for this that are equivalent as the Nikon ones are a whooping $70. plus to buy locally!!! For 2 AA batteries, I think not.

In the meantime, thought I’d share some Classic Cheddar pics, complete with Ched comments.

Hope you enjoy this encore browse of our big orange guy. 😉

I’ve said it many times before….ISN”T HE A DOLL!


Meowmie, I’m trying to take a sun-nap!!!


This ain’t a bad spot to “hang out”!


Snort, snort….this coat is not so black anymore, is it!!


Aren’t I a handsome dude?


Catching up on world feline reports!


How’s this for cat yoga?


Sleeping Beauty! (ok, Ched didn’t caption this one)


I’m ready for my close-up!


Old Morris had nothing on me! Except maybe the 9-Lives part.

Happy Tuesday. 🙂