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Happy New Year from Me and Mr. Cheddar! ;-)


ched and i for new year


Ched and I will be raising a glass of bubbly to ring in the New Year.😉

Wishing you all the good things in the months ahead; I think 2015 is going to be a great year!

And have a wonderful New Year’s Eve too. 🙂

Happy St. Paddy’s Day from Mr. Cheddar! ;<)


                     Happy St. Paddy’s Day to one and all!                  

I’m having a wee bit of fun out on the Green today, singing and dancing with an Irish pal of mine. 

His name is Toe-Tappin’ Teddy.

Later on, we’re off to look for the Pot of Gold, just over the Rainbow!!

And perhaps some green kibbles and cabbage for din-din snort….. just joshin’.

I don’t think that would be Teddy’s “cup-of tea”. Maybe a wee dram of Irish Whiskey for my friend.  🙂

          Laters, Irish Cheddie !


Mr. Cheddar is also participating at Woven Dreams this week (first time) for the MUSIC prompt! 😉    

PS: Here’s some information about the origins of Teddy, Cheddie’s Irish friend.He’s quite a rascal. 

 PSS: If this looks familiar, it’s a revised archive post, still makes me LOL. 😉 Hope it brings a big smile to your day too. GH

A Mr. Cheddar Haiku: Purrrrfection!!!!


Mr. Cheddar reminded me recently that he hasn’t had a haiku featured here in a while. Hope you enjoy it!

He certainly is my idea of purrrrrrrrrrrfection. 😉

PS: I’m taking a blog break for the rest of July. Catching up with some projects and with any luck (weather permitting) getting outside to enjoy some sun. I spend waaaaaay too much time on this computer. It’s time for a break. 🙂

I have a new summer contest on for the month of July at MRLR:

Ice Cream Lover’s Contest

stop by to enter! Canada only this time, sorry. More US/Canada contest coming up soon.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

A Mr. Cheddar Approved Joke!


“When you call a canine, they will come. When you call a feline, we take a message.

And MAYBE we will call back, if and when we feel like it. And definitely NOT during nap or din-din times!”


 Snort. I like that one. Headbonks from Mr. Cheddar, Celebrity Blogger

Ched and I both wish you a wonderful weekend! 🙂

A Visit and Message from Mr. Ched!

Mr.Cheddar returns!!!



Mr. Cheddar hasn’t made a Veggie…appearance in a while.

Thought he looked so cute, snuggled up on his cat blankie today.

 I wonder what he thinks of this big picture kitty? 😉