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Eat Your Breakfast Today!!

Such good advice!

What did you have for breakfast today?

I had half a sandwich. Kind of strange but it filled me up. 😉

Happy Tuesday!

Daily Health Central

Eat Your Breakfast Today!!

Lets face it…Eating breakfast is the most important meal. It begins your metabolism earlier in the day, can help you lose weight, gets you energized, and is a great way to start your day! The key is to eat a well balanced breakfast. Always include fruit, if you choose cereal eat one with high fiber, if you choose yogurt, eat a low-fat or non fat one. If you want eggs in the morning, go for a hard boiled egg. Begin your day the right way.

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Your Smoothie (Powder) Suggestions Please! ;-)


I’ve been TRYING to find a protein/greens powder product to add to smoothies that:

-Provides a good amount and variety of essential vitamins and minerals.

-Good quality protein too, if possible.

-Is organic (or mainly organic).

-Tastes great, but I’d settle for palatable! 

Do you have any suggestions for a brand to try?

I really am stumped on this one.

The ones I’ve tried or have looked at so far are either: lacking in vitamins/minerals/protein, taste absolutely gross unless masked by a bunch of other add-on ingredients or have a lot of strange, non-organic ingredients that I don’t want to consume.

Thanks if you can help. 

Happy Blending! 😉

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Slow-Cooker Granola

granola for post

Yes, from the slow-cooker!

Is there anything this handy small kitchen appliance can’t do? 😉

I am soooo loving my Hamilton Beach Slow-Cooker (click to read review for the model I have) use it all the time.

I recently made homemade (cranberry and almond) granola in it, for the first time and it turned out delish.

Easy to make, you control the ingredients, sweetness and price is so much better than store-bought granola too.

I used the Slow-Cooker Granola Recipe from:  Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker by Robin Robertson as a guide, but any granola recipe should work fine.

After stirring the liquid and dry ingredients thoroughly, I cooked mine on HIGH for 1 hour, uncovered and an additional 1 and  3/4 hours on LOW, covered.

Another plus: the aroma while cooking…divine! 🙂

Forget those oat-filled, oh so… ho hum…packages of store-bought granola and make your own.

Just remember to stir occasionally while cooking, to keep from browning too much.

Happy Cooking! 🙂