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Can You Answer These WordPress ?’s ;-)

I have a couple of WordPress related questions that I posted over at My Poetic Path a couple of days ago.

No one has answered them yet so I thought I’d give it another try over here, with my Veggie…readers.

If you can help with an answer or two, I’d be most grateful! 😉

You can read the post here. 

Happy Wednesday. 

Happy Blogaversary to me!!!!


 Wow, can it really be two years since I first started this blog?

On February 24, 2006, I wrote : My First Post (very ,very short)  and sent it out into cyberspace, not knowing what to expect.

Little did I know then just how much blogging would add to my life and how many wonderful, kind, caring people I would have the good fortune to meet, along the way.

Your encouragement, kindness and support in the past 2 years has meant more than I can ever express in words. You have touched my heart, again and again.

There have been too many dark days along the way (and I’m sorry if I got to be a pain, whining at times) when  an encouraging comment or email from a blog bud made such a positive difference. That to me, is the power of blogging and friendship.

I truly hope along the way that I have for the most part brought a smile to your days, some great meals to your kitchen and of course some feline fun to enjoy too. 

Since I’m talking about all that this two years of blogging has meant to me, thought an encore of : My Coming of Age post might be worthy of a re-visit, especially for those of you who missed it the first time. To me, that’s what blogging is really all about. Being open, expressing myself in every post, finding the courage to face the world, sans the ‘war paint’ and pretentions.

I am so grateful to have been given this forum to be ‘just me’ and to have found a warm and friendly place, filled with lovely, talented blog friends to share it with.

Awwwww shucks!!!   It’s been great!   🙂

During my hiatus in 2007, not blogging for several months left a lack in my life, I missed you all so much. Hopefully, I’ll be blogging for many moons to come and I do hope you will stick around for more of what Veggies…..is all about. I hope it’s been a two-way street and that I have also been supportive and gee….maybe even interesting ( I did try!!!) during my time to date in Blogland!

I’ve included the photo of me and the Mitz as it’s still one of my favs. No makeup (and that goes for both of us LOL) just the real deal. Aren’t the best things in life always, the real deal?

Thank you for helping me to find this special place, just to be me. And again, thank you for being the wonderful group of people that you are. You have inspired, empowered and enriched my life in this past two years, more than you will ever know.


PS: Speaking of  opening up and ‘being me’ LOL….I have an entry (The Beckoning Spring)  in a writing contest that I thought you might enjoy reading. Some of you might want to submit an entry too.

Check out the contest at: Clarity of Night . It’s a  great blog!