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It’s February and LOVE is in the air…..

First of all, get ready for a big aaaaaahhhhh……

Here’s my big orange guy, looking incredibly handsome and striking a pose for the camera, yesterday……gets me right in the pumper!!! 

Speaking of guys I love:

Here’s my Joe, doing his best desert sheik impersonation while he was cooking up lunch for us, also yesterday. The split pea soup was delish, btw!!!

Joe has come a long way from not knowing how to cook such a short time ago. Guess I should say, he had no previous experience cooking!!!

Now, many a day/night, I get to recline on the sofa, book or knit needles in hand while my Joe creates a culinary delight.

He is also a delight, in so many ways and truly, the nicest person I have EVER known!

Love ya, Veggie Guy!!!  🙂

Here’s me and my Joe, out for a stroll in the snow, earlier this week. Better enjoy it while it lasts, the snow melts much too fast here.   😦

Here’s evidence of what appears to be a long-term truce:

Yes, the Mitz still LOVES her sweater/vest!

And finally, what could be better than a beautiful banana loaf to say…….

L-O-V-E !!!!

Yummmm…..and the delish aroma wafting through the air was almost as good as the first bite!!!

Here’s the recipe, courtesy of Martha Stewart. Only change I made was reducing the sugar by about 1/2. This is a delicious banana loaf, the coconut really adds a nice touch.

‘Nothin’ says luv- in’….. like something from……..’

Have a wonderful week and remember to hug everyone you love. A great way to warm up February.

Sending lots of huggggggs your way……

I love you all too!    🙂