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Christmas: A Time for Miracles


Check out my new review for this eBook: Christmas Miracles, especially if you are in need of some hope and inspiration.

I really enjoyed the holiday-themed stories in this eBook

In a world that often seems to have gone mad (just watch the news!!) it’s so easy to give up on goodwill, hope and miracles, big and small. But the world IS filled with all kinds of good people and wonderful things, we just need to be open to seeing and believing that’s true. 

I wish you all… a magical and memorable holiday season!!



Be in E-Motion

Isn’t this good advice? 🙂

Thanks to Thrive Daily for this thought-provoking quote.

♥ Have a Safe and Happy Weekend! ♥ 

Thrive Daily


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Do you know what’s in the hotdogs you eat?

I’m glad to be a vegetarian when I read posts like this.

I’ll stick to the occasional veggie dog,thanks.😆

Launch Lives Through Wellness

It’s up to you to make sure you know what you digest! Just because it looks good and smells good doesn’t make it healthy or remotely edible. Take the time to research the food you eat; your body will reward you by allowing you to live a healthier longer life!

Be the investigator into you health!!!


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World Hello Day- Friday November 21st




Friday November 21st is World Hello Day

(click to read more about this non-official holiday).

A day to honor the process and power of communication especially when it comes to resolving issues and building peace in the world.

Simply greet at least 10 people on Friday to participate. Even better, keep it going, every day

I really like this idea! 🙂 I hope you do too.

Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

Book Launch: Laughing AT the Grim Reaper!




Woohooo…my newest Kindle book is now available at Amazon. 😉

Print book will also be available in the next couple of days. 

You can read more here.

I’m smiling today! 🙂

Happy Reading and Weekend.

Free Kindle Book Promo This Weekend :-)

Haiku Reflections ii front cover

Haiku Reflections: The Four Seasons (Volume II)

third chapter second chance cover

Third Chapter, Second Chance (a midlife romance)


Two of my Kindle books are available free all this weekend at:, .ca, .UK…. 

Hope you enjoy all my ebooks and do share this promo if you can!

Happy Reading and Weekend. 🙂

Holiday Wishes at Veggies, Yarns & Tails! :<)

miracles still come true

I really do! 🙂

Thanks so much to all of you who: visit, leave comments, like posts, send emails and follow my blogs.

You bring a smile to my days!

Mr. Cheddar and I both send our biggest hugggggs and headbonks/aka cat hugs! 😉


PS: I’m taking a short break, at all my blogs. Will be around to visit soon and then I’ll see you in 2014!

A Sneak Peek from Haiku Reflections II


Haiku Reflections II is now available in print and Kindle versions over at Amazon.

Woo hoo! 😉

Haiku Reflections ii front cover

I’ve posted a sneak peek from the WINTER section of the book, over at My Poetic Path.

I’m really happy with how this second volume of Haiku Reflections turned out.

Another “labour of love” and isn’t that always the best kind? 😉

Happy Weekend and Black Friday Shopping to All! 🙂

Goodies in the Mail!

I get a lot of goodies in the mail. 🙂

Some gifts, some things I order online and some products sent to me for review purposes…it’s always a nice  “pick me up” when something wonderful arrives in the mail; especially on days when I’m feeling less than happy.

Yesterday was a difficult day (long story….) but a good one for mail:

I have wanted a copy of this beloved, vintage cookbook: The Purity Cookbook (1945 edition) for a long time!

 I blogged about this cookbook here

SandMarg over at Etsy recently found another copy in great condition and I purchased it.

It was so much fun to browse through the pages and remember all the times my mom and I (and my gran too) made so many recipes from this book. Or just talked about making them sometimes! 😉

It will be a treasure in my cookbook collection, always.


And the first copies of my own poetry book: My Poetic Path arrived yesterday too!

The book came out very well except for a bit of very minor tweaking I might still do. For the most part though, I am so happy with how it turned out. I’m going to be contacting provincial public libraries first, about my book and on from there. Wish me luck!

This is a post about my experience of creating this book and ordering options too.


Anything good in the mail recently, for you? I hope so.

Happy Wednesday. 🙂

The Internet and Inquiring Minds!


Can you (now) imagine life without the internet? Hard to, isn’t it?

 Before I had internet access at home (in 2000) I usually spent hours each week at our public library, researching various topics of interest.  As expected, although I have nothing but respect for libraries of all kinds and sizes and the resources that they provide, the reference material found on my searches were usually outdated and often not even available.

 For example, if I was looking for an address of a person in the news to write to, more often than not, there was either no address to be found or the one that I did was from years before. If I did happen to find a valid and up- to- date address, the “snail mail” wait and see for weeks afterwards was yet another delay for this inquiring mind. Just one example of how things were “way back when” LOL but it goes to show how much we take for granted now, in terms of easy and usually instant access to almost any topic you can think of.

BTW, I should mention back at the library…Later on in the late 90’s they did provide internet access but for a limited time period for each patron. And for me, it was never long enough!

All that changed with the Internet becoming available for home users and the rapid growth of the information that has become available online.  For an info-junkie such as I, quick searches via Google and other search engines for just about any topic I could ever think of, is still today, a dream come true. Inquiring minds, even at 3 in the morning will be provided for, thanks to the internet!

So, imagine my surprise, in 2006 when I Googled the name Ed Allen, and came up with nada, nothing, zilch!

 Ed Allen for those of you who never heard the name before, was an exercise guru with millions of fans/followers, back in the  60’s, 70’s and beyond. For years and years, his TV exercise show ruled the airwaves. He was big news and yet he was nowhere to be found on the internet, at least I couldn’t find anything myself.

I was curious what had happened to Mr. Allen as my mom Helen had been one of his biggest fans. I often remember sitting on the sofa watching my mom work through Ed’s routines usually from some tropical locale like the beautiful Bahamas! Good memories. We teased my mom a lot about her devotion to Ed’s routines but the results spoke for themselves. My mom was fit and trim all of her life and I’m sure that the years of exercising with Ed was part of the reason why.

After my search that came up empty, I wrote this post about Ed Allen and wow, what a response it has had. Not only has it sparked a great comment conversation (and a few comments that needed to be deleted)  the post has also had almost 8000 hits at last count.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one asking the question: Whatever Happened to Ed Allen? And every week, they still are.

So, that’s my ramble about all things internet. What a great time to live in eh?

 What is the best thing about the internet, in your opinion?

Info-junkies and trivia buffs  of the world, united we Google!!!