Good Riddance 2020!! Happy 2021!

Hello again,

If anyone is still stopping by here, I send my best wishes and hope that you are remaining well and in good spirits during this oh so difficult time in our history.

When I would think about the year “2020” many years ago, I always thought it had such a nice “ring” to it, such a good connotation of clarity and insight in that number. Instead, it has ended up being such a hard, long and frightening year.

But one that should be a wake-up call in many respects and hopefully will be in terms of keeping up our immunity, being ever vigilant about cleanliness….all common sense measures IMO, but sadly lacking it seems in so many people’s lives. When I see countless Youtube videos about “How to Wash Your Hands” ….that speaks volumes!

On the plus side (and there ARE some) it has been an opportunity for people to reunite with their families in truly meaningful ways, spending more quality time together.

Really thinking about what matters in the big picture and what doesn’t and will eventually pass.

The environment has apparently been doing much better too, with a substantial reduction in pollution levels during the many lockdowns and industry closures.

Joe and I and Mr. Cheddar have all weathered this storm and look forward to a much better year in 2021. We won’t be lining up for any vaccines, but we will continue to do the things that have kept us healthier and more fit that a lot of people over 50, year after year. I still believe that good health is not that hard to maintain for most people, but it does take work and more so, as the years pass by. It is SO worth it though.

I will close by wishing you a Happy, Safe and Memorable Holiday, in spite of the restrictions.
I hope you will also stop by my author’s site , to check out some Amazon Holiday Kindle promotions now in progress and a link to one of my fav Christmas songs too. I love all the holiday classics but some….a must hear, every year, like that one. πŸ™‚

Hugs and Happy New Year!!!

PS: If anyone can enlighten me where to find the option toΒ change the default page text colorΒ here at WP now, I would be oh so grateful.

Posting here at WP has become one big hassle. 😦

10 responses

  1. Hi Geraldine! Been a long time! Great post! Good to see you… I’ve been back in the last few months… I remember you from years ago! Makes my heart warm to see your post today … lingering smile. Sending you so much Love, good wishes and Spirit Hugs!!! -Stacy from

  2. Thanks Stacy, your kind comment made me smile! 😊

    And Happy Holidays to you too Christine.

  3. Great to see you here! Glad to hear you are all doing well. Wishing you a happy and revitalising 2021.

  4. Happy Holidays!! Stay healthy!

  5. It’s nice to see you blogging again. I wish you many happy and safe days in 2021.

    Have a lovely day.

  6. Hi Geraldine! πŸ™‚ Nice to read your post! Happy (early) 2021!! πŸ™‚ Despite the virus, 2020 has been a great year for me and Alex. I see 2021 as getting even better. I’m glad you are weathering the storm well and that you are all happy and healthy! πŸ™‚ I don’t know WP, although I will be starting to build myself a website next year on WP and I have to admit I’m not looking forward to it!!!

  7. And to you too Fiona! All the best in 2021.

    Thanks Diana, and all the best to you too. Stay healthy!

    Thanks Lissa, what a nice wish. And all the best to you too.

    Oh that is so good Rain! It was good to read your blog again the other day and to see what’s been happening in your life. I hope all your wishes come true for 2021. It IS going to be a MUCH better year, for all of us.

    Hugs to all and Stay Healthy!!!

  8. Hi Geraldine,
    Your post just popped up in my email. Strange, since this is from December. Anyway, glad to hear you’re doing well. I agree with you that 2020 had such a magical ring to it. Crazy! Although this pandemic has been difficult, last year was a good year for us in some ways. Let’s hope by fall or the end of the year, things calm down with less cases and deaths. We had one friend who dies from Covid. Sad beyond words. And we will get our shots, actually, eager to. But we’re grateful to have stayed healthy all this time. Take care and stay safe, Lauren xo

  9. Thanks for your comment Lauren, and good to hear you have been staying well.

    I’m sorry about your friend’s passing. Very sad.

    Here’s to a much better year ahead for all of us.

    On the plus side, I’ve got a lot of projects on the go (you probably do too!) especially with being home so much now. It hasn’t been all negative, A year to reflect on what really matters, for all of us.

    Take care, Happy Easter and Hugs!!!πŸ‡πŸ£πŸ€

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