🎄Happy Holidays!🎄


Mr. Cheddar and I Wish You the Best Christmas Ever!

We are skating away for a little break, to enjoy some holiday cheer.

🎀 See you in January! 🎀

11 responses

  1. Ha ha ha! Very cute Geraldine!!! Enjoy your holiday!! 🙂

  2. Have a wonderful break!
    You and Cheddar are a cute pair!
    Merry Christmas, Geraldine. xx

  3. I love this photo, you both look so cute.

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  4. Thanks Rain, and hope you have a wonderful holiday season too.😊

    I’ve gotta agree Margie, we are kinda cute!! Lol
    All the best in 2020 ( can you believe it’s already 2020??)😉

    Thanks Joe!! And I’m not even a good skater!😉

    And to you too Christine.

    Hugs to all.❤

  5. LOL! Have a wonderful break!

  6. Haha that is a fun picture, Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2020 Cheers Diane

  7. Thank you, Geraldine! May you and Mr. Cheddar also have the best Christmas ever! ✨

  8. And to you too Fiona. Keep taking those gorgeous photos!😊

    Cheers to you Diane!

    And all the best to you Hummingbird, I love your blog name!😊

    🎄Happy Holidays🎆

  9. oh cute photo – merry christmas to you!

  10. Happy 2020.

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