I’m on a Salad Kick….

…..and the recipe below is one of my all time favorites.😊  A winner in one of my veggie recipe contests.

Last night I made Waldorf Salad, Potato Salad and Orzo Salad. We had a great dinner.

I’m thinking I’ve got the ingredients for this rice one too.

Hope you enjoy this reblog, do give the recipe a try, you won’t be sorry.

Happy Weekend,🌺🌻🌼


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5 responses

  1. I love salads and yours is THE best potato salad. I really liked this rice salad too.

  2. I’ll have to make this again and soon , Joe!

    I agree Christine.😊

    Happy weekend and week.

  3. yum. I love a good potatoe salad – right now i love spinach salads filled with veggies and hard boiled eggs and then i use a ranch dressing on it. I could eat these every night.

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