Sunday Selfie Time with holding together paws…

Mr. Cheddar is in ♥♥ !!

Awwww…..angel paw purrrrfection! 😉

Have a sweet week from me and Mr. C

7 responses

  1. You got that right Meowmie! I do luuuuuuve Angel. 😉

  2. What a cutie. I’m not surprised Mr. C loves her.

  3. Mr Cheddar…I don’t know what to say…*looks down and blushes* Thank you for loving me… and the reblog. Extra Pawkisses from every paw I have 🙂 ❤ ❤

  4. Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful week too!

  5. adorable photos and cute sketch
    lovely week to you!

  6. You sure picked a cutie to drool over Mr. C! 😉

    I agree Joe. She is such a lovely girl kitty.

    I agree Carol.

    You are so welcome Angel. Mr. Cheddar sends his best headlicks and headbonks!!! 😉

    And to you too GenKitty.

    I agree Tammie, and yes the sketch is so nice too.

    Have a super rest of the week, hugs, G

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