Calling all MYWAY email users!

Hope someone can help with this ??? re: MYWAY email service! 

Thanks if you can!!! 😉

My Poetic Path

I noted today that theMYWAY websiteis shutting down, as of the first part of December.

I have a few myway email accounts and it’s not clear if they will still be functional, after their main website shuts down.

Any ideas, anyone??? I couldn’t find any more info. about this online. 

What a pain in the a….this is going to be, IF they are shutting down their email service too. 😦

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5 responses

  1. Never heard of it, Geraldine. Sorry I can’t offer any information or help. Hope you get some help with it.

  2. Thanks Joyce, I sure hope it’s just their main site they are shutting down, not the email. Not clear on the site right now what they mean. 😦

  3. Email function will still work. Also FYI, is exactly the same as MyWay, except that it has ads and links. Run by the same company, etc. and seems to be identical in every way except for the ads.

  4. Thanks for this info. LH. Hopefully the myway email WILL continue for some time, after the main site shuts down.

  5. Left Handed Atheist

    As of today, the banner on the MyWay page is saying that the site is getting an upgrade, not shutting down. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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