Root Veggies! Don’t Ya Just ♥ Them? ;-)

Autumn root vegetables

I SURE DO!!! 😉

And here are some of my fav ways to prepare and serve these oh,so yummy “gems” from the fall harvest! 


Sam’s Famous Carrot Cake with My (NOT Too Sweet) Cream Cheese Icing

My favorite cake, no contest!

Russian Beet Borscht

Just add dark rye bread and you’re good to go! 😉


German Sauerkraut Feast 

One of my fav slow cooker recipes from the Groovy Green Kitchen I.

I make this one a lot. Quick to prepare, hearty and delicious. 

And, it includes: onions, garlic and potatoes: all fav rooties! 🙂

Kasha and Beet Salad with Celery and Feta (page 92)

Kasha and Beet Salad with Celery and Feta

A delish and elegant salad; brimming with flavor!

Sweet Potato Lasagna

A twist on traditional lasagna, again from the slow cooker. Hearty and delish!


Harvest vegetable photo, courtesy of FLICKR

5 responses

  1. I like root vegetables and all these recipes are delicious.

  2. Carrot cake is my favorite, Geraldine, and now that the season is changing, maybe I’ll bake one in the near future. I’d share if I could. 🙂 Hugs!

  3. I LOVE all rooties and yes, these are delish recipes Joe, I agree.

    Awww…thanks for the cyber-share Lauren. 😉 This is a wonderful, moist and delish carrot cake and my icing redo has a lot less sugar than most recipes but still oh, so good.

    Happy Baking and Cooking, G

  4. ohh recipes and good stuff. I’ll be following here. Just realized I could post here with google plus and not wordpress which is a now defunct blog of mine.

  5. glad you stopped by Sandy and for following too. I’m enjoying your blog as well. 🙂

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