The Dangers of Vacuum (and other) Dust :-(

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Do you know what dust is actually made of?

Are you aware of the health dangers associated with inhaling dust?

This is just one of many reports about how harmful inhalation of dust can be. You can read many more online.

Since reading more about this topic myself several months ago, I always make sure to have windows open when vacuuming now and to wear a dust mask when dumping out the dirt cup of the vacuum too.

Small measures that can add up to better health, in the long-term. It’s so worth the extra bit of time and effort.

What steps do you take in daily home life/when cleaning, to safeguard your health?

Have a healthy, happy weekend! 🙂

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5 responses

  1. Excellent post and this is so true. Dust is very harmful to your health.

  2. It is a very surprisingly more healthy environment eliminating as much dust as you can regularly. Not living near airport flight patterns, railroad tracks and highways also helps. You can see the oily residue from exhaust on window sills very easily. Of course it goes without saying about being near industrial areas but that’s not so easy to get past for many.

  3. …and yet Quentin Crisp never dusted and lived in robust health to a great age (and quite a lot of that time in New York City)! His take was that more dust ceased ceased to accumulate after three yearsof not dusting 🙂
    Studies have shown that children who live in too clean an environment are more susceptible to asthma and allergy (rife here in Australia) and that they are healthier being allowed pets (not fish) and getting filthy in the garden.
    Having said that, I do prefer to live in a clean house.

  4. An interesting article!

  5. I agree Joe, especially now with all the industrial toxins floating around too. Makes me long for the North even more, such clean air up there by comparison. Whitehorse is apparently the least polluted city in the world! Wow. 🙂

    Yes, choosing wisely where you live (if that’s possible) is SO important Carl, I totally agree.

    Tee hee…about the dusting Jenny. I’m not a fan of dusting either but Mr. Crisp took that to a whole new level. 😉 Thanks for your interesting comment.

    Thanks Ruinwen.

    Have a healthy week, G

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