Peanut Butter: I Still ♥ It! ;-)

I’ve always been a peanut butter fan! 🙂

I  ♥ it, especially the natural, organic (with no-salt) kind, that contains only peanuts.

I feel sorry for children who can’t eat this wonderful spread, due to allergies etc. It was a staple when I was a kid. Not the case anymore it seems. 

But for those of us without allergy concerns, peanut butter (in moderation, it’s always about moderation isn’t it?) can apparently be good for us (and not just delish) for health and many other benefits.

I also like to add a tablespoon of pb to my morning smoothie. Apparently added to soy milk, peanut butter provides a complete protein source.
This provides an alternative to adding protein powders to smoothies. And some protein powders can be hard to digest; so I like this option instead, for adding protein.

 Aren’t these yummy looking? Yummy to eat too. 😉
I’ve made these many times:
I do cut back on the sugar though, by about 1/2 and they are still “plenty sweet” IMO!
My dear mom made these too.
What bliss after school with an ice-cold glass of Mmoooo….teehee…that’s what we called milk. 😉
Do you enjoy peanut butter? Any PB recipes that you particularly like? If you have a link to a good one, do share. 😉

6 responses

  1. I always liked peanut butter and I love these cookies, so good. Great post.

  2. I do love peanut butter. The chunkier the better.

  3. They look great! Yummy… 🙂

  4. Oh, I love pb cookies!

  5. I’ll have to make a batch soon Joe! 😉

    Patti, I prefer chunky too! 😉

    They are great Sunshine! Now I like them with decaf organic or regular soy milk. I don’t drink dairy “mooo” anymore.

    If you do, this is a good recipe to try Lady Fi.

    Happy Week to all, G

  6. I love peanut anything, but my middle child is allergic, alas.

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