On the Needles: Slice of Autumn/Spring Shawl

I’ve usually got at least one (sometimes 2 or 3…) knit or crochet projects on the go.

Right now I also have several finished projects that I need to get photographed, to share here and at Ravelry.

One of my current works in project is this lovely shawl: 

Slice of Autumn/Spring Shawl

designed by the talented: Kay Meadors, who has graciously allowed me to share these photos of the finished shawl here:

slice of spring autumn shawl


slice of spring autumn shawl 2


I’m making mine in a lovely soft mauve yarn:

Patons Lace Yarn Arctic Plum - Click to enlarge

Patons Lace: in Arctic Plum 

I purchased this yarn at one of my fav yarn sites: Knitting Warehouse

(click to read my review of their site and great prices).

One skein of Patons Lace (498 yds.) is all this shawl requires, I love that! 😉

With circular needle, pattern download and yarn, this shawl is costing less than $20. 🙂

It’s NOT all wool but it sure looks like the “real deal” and based on previous experiences with wool blend yarns, I also don’t think blocking will be too difficult when my shawl is completed.

I’ve got about 20 rows to go but these are LONG rows at this point as the shawl is getting bigger and bigger; the final row has over 300 stitches, so if I get a couple rows done each time I sit down to knit at this point, I’m happy. 😉

If you’d like a copy of this wonderful pattern (and yippee….no mistakes that I’ve found so far, that’s often not the case with knitting patterns) stop by Ravelry and get one to download. While you’re there, check out Kay’s other beautiful designs.

I’ll share a finished photo this spring, when I’ve got this one OFF the needles and something perfect to wear with it too. 😉

What are you making right now? I love to hear about projects in progress!

Happy Knitting! 

11 responses

  1. Natural State Knits

    Can’t wait to see it. The shawl that I am currently knitting is 576 sts for the last 12 rows and I have to thread 275 beads on to do the bind off. Need to find a good, long sit down time to tackle that!

  2. Your shawl is looking great.Its beautiful, can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. Oh wow, I wish I could knit! :/

  4. Thanks Kay.I can’t wait to see your new shawl too. 😁 I had a bit of a knitting meltdown yesterday,😴 but I’m back on track now .Talking on the pattern rows is a big no-no!!!

    Me too Joe. Won’t be too long now.😊

    Give it a try Julianna. You could learn to knit, I’m sure of it. I think you’d love it.

    Happy crafting and week,G

  5. Just gorgeous design… love to have a shawl.
    I might take up knitting again, I used to knit, but I just wasn’t the best knitter, however, practice makes perfect so I maybe I’ll give knitting another try.

  6. Gosh, I’m on the tacky iPad and the spelling is off the wall, same with the sentence formation, oh well, that’s iSlave, always changing the spelling, I keep forgetting I’m on it and don’t reread what I wrote.

    Anyway, I love the shawl, it’s fab.

  7. That’s a very pretty shawl, Geraldine. 🙂

  8. Oh it is time to start thinking about spring isn’t it? This is wonderful! I think I’m going to bookmark this and see if my mother-in-law would like it done for her. She loves shawls. (I’m too lazy to wear them, the whole making she it’s over the shoulders thing… haha) I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  9. Hi Genie, I type on my Kindle sometimes, I can SO relate! 😉
    Thanks for your kind words and yes, DO get back to knitting, it is so relaxing. I gave it up for a long while but now I’m so glad to knit again on a regular basis.

    Hi Imelda, Thanks! Nice to see you again. 😉

    Hi Carl, It is a wonderful design, I agree.

    Hi Lady Fi, Thank you!

    Hi GenKitty, I love shawls but don’t wear them all that often. I do find though that using a shawl pin helps a lot, to keep them in place. I can’t wait to see how mine turns out too. almost there!!!

    Have a wonderful week, G

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