How About Organic Popcorn and a VERY Funny Movie? ;-)

If that sounds like a good plan for this week, you might want to check out my two latest reviews over at: My Real Life Reviews:

organic popping corn

Tout Naturel Organic Popping Corn (microwave)

is THE best microwave popcorn that I’ve ever tasted! Oh so yummy good and certified organic too. 😉


And if you ♥ nostalgic movies based in the 60’s/70’s (like I do) you will ♥:

matinee movie


 starring John Goodman and a fabulous supporting cast.

This one has moved up into my TOP 10 fav comedy movies of all time.

LOL funny from start to finish! 😉

Hope you enjoy a “movie and popcorn night” soon with these two recommendations.

Let me know if you enjoy them and have a great week! 🙂

11 responses

  1. I adore popcorn. Haven’t seen this one anywhere…oh, I see…Tree of Life. Thanks. 🙂

  2. It’s difficult to find organic popcorn that pops, it is usually not worth even bothering with. Too hard and so many don’t pop and they end up being an annoyance on teeth.
    Good review, I’ll try some. I don’t use a microwave, though, so does it pop other ways? In popcorn makers?

  3. Oh this sounds like a wonderful night in from the cold! I love John Goodman – it’s hard to go wrong with his movies. I’ve never seen this popcorn, I will keep a look out in our area. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂 Have you tried making popcorn from real kernels and a brown paper bag?

  4. Hubby and I treated our self to a movie at a VIP cinema. While it is extra, we didn’t pay extra because I used my scene points. We saw Interstellar. Fantastic movie! Valet parking, a lounge you can enjoy a drink in, big comfy chairs like lazy boys, servers that take your food and drink order and bring it right to your seat! Oh and REAL FREAKING BUTTER on the popcorn!! Needless to say we are totally spoiled and will never be happy to sit in a regular theater again! 🙂

  5. I’ll keep both in mind. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. It’s worth looking for Tess, oh so yummy. I think you’d like the movie too! 🙂

    Good question Genie. I’m not a fan of microwaves either, I’m going to pass this along to the distributor of this product to see if they can answer. Thanks!

    John Goodman is just amazing in this movie, so is the rest of the cast. A lot of very young actors in this movie and they do a great job. I can’t remember laughing this much in a very long time! Hope you check it out GenKitty, let me know if you do.

    Sounds good Cathy! Glad you had fun.

    Thanks for stopping in Imelda, good to see you again.

    Have a great weekend and happy viewing! G

  7. I’ve never had organic popcorn. What does it taste like? Probably better than chemical-infused brands I always purchase!

  8. I love popcorn and organic is always the best. and I loved this movie,so funny.

  9. Geraldine, I’m definitely going to check out the popcorn (I haven’t seen this brand, but will look for it as I think organic always has better flavor) and the movie. I esp. love comedies. Laughter is good for us. So what are the rest of your top ten? I’m always looking for good ones. I like Bette Midler’s (90’s) and I always laugh at Monsters, Inc. even though I’ve seen it plenty of times.

  10. This sounds like the purrfect combination. Brenda never thinks of sharing popcorn with us of course.
    Brenda would do well to try watching a comedy, she has developed some frown lines
    -well a lot.
    Best wishes to Mr. Ched, that was a nice poem and photo of you Chedster.
    Herb and of course Art

  11. Actually Jacqui, a lot of organic popcorn is NOT good, hard kernels etc…as Genie has mentioned above. That was definitely not the case with this brand, it was oh so good!!! Fluffy, tender kernels and salted just enough to be tasty, with a light buttery flavor too. Try it, you’ll love it! 😉 And yes, organic is always the better way to go health-wise.

    Isn’t it a great movie Joe? I never get tired of this one, always oh so funny!

    Let me know if you give the popcorn and movie a try Eliza, I hope you like them both. 🙂

    Heh Herb and Art, Good to see you again! Ched sends a big headbonk to both of you. Tell your Meowmie to get with the program and yes, this will definitely bring a smile and LOL to her day!!!

    And of course you should be able to share the popcorn, but heh, not too much guys, that can be hard on a feline’s tummy. Chedster usually has one kernal, broken up in small pieces but he always wants a lot more. 😉

    Have a wonderful, laugh-filled weekend, G

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