Mr. Cheddar LOVES a Massage! ;-)

pet massage

Mr. Cheddar here…

And yes, I really DO love a good massage! 🙂


It helps me to relax and unwind, especially after a hard day of being on “bug patrol” .  And with the arrival of warmer weather, those creepy critters are starting to make an appearance. And that is where I definitely come in to keep them in check.

I’m not called FEARLESS BUG WARRIOR for nothin’ 😉

Mmm…mmm good! Nothing like a good spring fly in the tummy

But I digress.

If you want to learn more about pet massage (yes, for the D-O-Gs too!) stop by and read this article at Alive Magazine.

It’s not hard. If Meowmie can learn how to do this, anyone can, snort…..

Oh Meowmie, take it easy, I was just joshin’ 😉

Happy Weekend from Me ( oh yeah, and Meowmie too)! 

10 responses

  1. Mr. Cheddar, I’d give you a pet massage but it might be a little slobbery.

  2. Great article. I’ve been massaging my cats for years. I do the shoulders with a hand on each one and with a gentle rotating motion, one at a time. Once they experienced it, I had one cat who would sit on my lap, stare at me and try to position himself when I tried petting, so I got the hint. 🙂

  3. Great post Mr. Cheddar. And yes, you are a fearless bug warrior, that’s for sure.

    This is a great idea about the pet massage too, I’ll have to learn how to give you one too.

  4. oh thank you t hat is soooooooooooooo wise and smart, hon Ched, you’re a true blue reviewer 2

  5. I see cats are a big and important part of your life too! Gorgeous kitty.

  6. Cheddar, you look so relaxed! I love massages too.

  7. Aren’t I though. You are very observant and spot on Ms. Carolyn. 😉

    Ewwww….doggie kisses, plllllease, let’s not go there. I just had my morning kibble. 😦 Just joshin’ Bongo, you’re actually kinda ok for a D O G!!!

    Sounds like you’ve definitely got the technique down pat (or should I say cat) Ms. Tess. You are one smart lady!!!

    Yes Pawmie, I AM a fearless bug warrior, that NEVER changes. 🙂

    Thank you Ms. Lorraine, I try. It’s so hard to pry this keyboard out of Meowmie’s big paws though. I would write so much more if I could.

    IS so much fun Ms. Elizabeth!!!

    Ah…another most observant lady comes a callin’ Thank you Ms. Jennifer.

    A gorgeous kitty, I’ll take it. Although perhaps handsome would be the preferred descriptive word??? 😉

    Do you have felines in your home Ms. Kelli? Perhaps they would also like a massage too.

    Thanks so much for stopping by dear humans.

    And DO remember to hug your pets every day. Massage when you can too! We LOOOOOOVE IT all.

    The Fabulous, One and Only, Mr. Cheddar!

  8. Mr. Cheddar, you are SO spoiled!

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