It’s (almost) Sandal-Time! Are You Ready? ;-)

dr scholls sandals

Remember these exercise sandals?

I had a pair when I was a teenager and recently got a new pair as a birthday gift. 🙂

You can read my complete review here.

I am loving the sandals but the buckle closure leaves a lot to be desired. 😦 More about this in my review.

Happy Sandal-Season (has it arrived where you are?) 

6 responses

  1. Yes, it’s ALWAYS sandal time in Costa Rica!

  2. The exercise kind were not very comfortable for me, so didn’t wear them much, but take a good comfortable pair of clogs and I will wear them when I am not wearing my Nike shoes. With my knee problems and bone spurs I’ve had in the past, the clogs and Nikes are more comfortable for me, and I have better support and ground traction. 🙂

  3. omg, i used to have these years ago and loved them )

  4. I’ve never worn the ones you show here, but I do remember seeing them in stores. I’ve been wearing sandals for about a month. My feet are so happy! Hope your sandal days arrive soon.

  5. Sounds good Carole but I think I’d miss the four seasons in a big way, in that kind of setting. I do love wearing sandals though, even if it’s inside for a lot of months of the year. 😉

    I like clogs too Joyce, I have a couple of pairs of those. But these are my new fav shoes to wear for casual time. Sorry about your knee issues. 😦

    Me too Beth! 🙂

    I need to work on my toes and feet before I venture outside in these Patti. 🙂 Bring on the foot creme and pedicure. 😉

    Happy Wednesday, G

  6. I LOVED these in college — except when I accidentally stepped off of them — then my instep would OUCH … just reminded me to be more graceful when walking 😀

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