For One Day Only…

This Sat. May 3rd, my two newest Kindle books will both be available as free downloads, at Amazon.

Haiku Reflections ii front cover


You can check out all my Kindle books here  at


For other Amazon sites: .ca, UK, AU, etc…type in:

 Geraldine Helen Hartman

and a list of all my books and ebooks will come up, including these two titles that will be available for free on Saturday.


I hope you enjoy one or both of these new Kindle books and DO share this promo if you can, with friends and family.

The more downloads the better.

Reviews at Amazon are most appreciated too. 😉

Happy Reading and Weekend. 

5 responses

  1. Thanks but I’ve already bought them, but if I had the coloured one, yep there are a few I would get again and why won’t it show my details to log in every day ooooo…

  2. Great promo, these are both such wonderful books. Especially the Kindle versions with all the color photos.

  3. Colored photos? On a Kindle Version? We need to talk. I have a lot of ideas but don’t know how to proceed…can we chat? I do yahoo messenger or Facebook. Will either work for you? Let me know,


  4. Hi Lorraine, If you do get a kindle with color, you would be able to transfer books back and forth from the 2 devices. How cool is that? We have 2 kindles now, a Paperwhite and Fire HD. The Paperwhite is still my preference for reading a book with text only. but when there is color photos etc, the Fire HD can’t be beat! The color is just so brilliant and clear, really adds to the enjoyment of any book that contains photos.

    Hi Joe, Thanks dear! 🙂

    Hi Elizabeth, Adding photos to a Kindle book is quite easy. I just insert them as I go along into a Word doc. Can’t make them too big though as KDP has restrictions for how big a book file can be altogether, or so I’ve been told.

    If you download either of these books you’ll see how the photos are placed and also the zoom that you can click to enlarge the photos too.

    I actually don’t do Yahoo OR Facebook. Just too busy to take on anything else right now and I REALLY dislike FB. The security there IMO leaves a lot to be desired.

    Happy Weekend and REading, G

  5. Thank you for letting me know about the promo – I had to download them both on my kindle app right away. Can’t wait to read them 🙂

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