Another Great Yoga Ebook! :-)

good day yoga

Check out my new review of:

Good Day Yoga 

(click to read complete review)

This is another keeper on my Kindle!

Have a Great Weekend. 🙂

Looks like sunny skies on the way, here in BC! 😉

How is your weather?

4 responses

  1. Very cold and grey although I think the sun is trying to find its way through

  2. Yoga has always sounded exotic and something I’ve never tried. Your review makes me think it’s more approachable now.

  3. Cloudy and 45 degrees here, but promises of sunshine for tomorrow. Have never done yoga, but most often sit with my legs crossed, have done it all my life because of my short stature. Doc says that may be why I can still walk albeit very slowly and with the help of a cane. Thanks for visiting 1sojournal and following. Was really glad to see you there,


  4. Wow, still cold in the East Lorraine? Is it ever going to warm up down there this year!!!

    We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday here in BC but the clouds have rolled back in today. 😦 Hope they get lost soon!!!!

    Yoga is so wonderful Tess and for so many reasons. It is definitely something that most people could do, albeit at different levels of difficulty.

    This ebook is a good place to start if you are considering trying yoga. Larry Payne’s Prime of Life Yoga DVDs are great too. I reviewed them a while back over at My Real Life Reviews.

    I like having a DVD or book with photos to practice with and it’s a great help when someone is just starting with yoga. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to start without professional instructions to begin with. There is definitely a right way to do yoga and a wrong way! 😉

    That’s interesting about crossing your legs Elizabeth. I always thought that was something we weren’t suppose to do and that it impeded proper circulation. Interesting what your doctor said about that.

    Yoga is something that people of all ages and often with some physical limitations can do but again as I’ve said above, professional help to begin with is so important. Larry Payne actually has dvds for people with back problems and apparently yoga helps a lot in this regard too. Proper and complete stretching can help with so many things, physically. I can’t imagine NOT doing yoga, it is so important to me!

    It was nice to visit your blog! I love mandalas and yours were very good.

    Happy Weekend, G

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