Top 5: Spring Shawls – Knit Pattern Links

*** Aren’t these shawls lovely?***

I ♥ shawls and have several knit and crochet ones that I’ve made over the years.

Don’t wear them as often as I would like to though. 😦

Are you a fan of shawls? Have you made any recently?

Happy Crafting and Tuesday! 🙂

Fiesta Cat Yarn Co.

image1:  Bedford Spring Shawl with Cobweb Frill  (Kathy Zimmerman)

2:  Woodland Spring Shawl  (Chrstina Wall)

3:  Madeira Spring Shawl  (Shannon O’Neil)

4:  Emily Shawl  (Mandy Moore)

5:  Spring Leaf  (Gerrard Allt)

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6 responses

  1. These are beautiful shawls. So pretty and feminine.

  2. You’ve made some lovely shawls. And you should be able to wear them more often.

  3. OH, how pretty….

  4. I agree Carol! Do you wear shawls?

    I love the leaf pattern most of all Tess but they are all beautiful, aren’t they?

    I’ve got quite a few don’t I Joe? Need more places to wear them though.

    Yes indeed Lorraine!

    Happy Crafting, G

  5. Such pretty shawls!

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