Want to Learn How to Knit Socks? ;-)


sock book


If you do, stop by My Real Life Reviews to read my new review of this Ebook.

This one is a keeper! 😉

Happy Sock Knitting and Weekend!

5 responses

  1. Gorgeous socks. It’s been years and years since I took up knitting needles. No time these days. 😉

  2. I noticed something I had started and it was perfectly lined up, so I thought come one give it a chance, but damn it, on the first attempt I somehow wrongly added the next one, and screwed the perfect beginning ahhh….I can, I know I can, I can damnit, I want to….would you review two typewritten novels , never had a agent , one would be about 400 pages pocket book and the today probably half that, but I’d have to retype it ’cause it was on my old crashed computer, how do you even get an agent? but it’s very fictional ….and a little sexy sometimes, I’m a writer but not a author, except for some poetry that were published in that Poetry thing that accepts every poems that’s sent to them so people will buy their books, well al least the first was a Editor Mention or something of the kind and the second was third place….i’m all over the place the only thing that soothes is taking photos, but it’s getting harder to go out…

  3. I’m swamped too Tess but I DO try to make time for knitting, it is SOOOO relaxing and meditative. Really helps me to chill and unwind when I’m stressed. When I don’t have a project or two on the go, I miss it. 😦

    Socks aren’t something I’d attempt as a beginner’s project Lorraine. Yes, I know this book is FOR beginners, but I’m assuming the author means for knitters who haven’t made socks before but who have knit quite a bit otherwise.

    Socks do have a few techniques that you don’t use elsewhere in knitting. I found my first pair a bit tricky but now I do like the challenge of making them, it’s just enough. I don’t like any project that is too complicated or takes a LONG time to complete. That for me isn’t very relaxing either.

    I don’t think I’d be the right person to read your books. I’m assuming you are talking about manuscripts here, not already published? If they are published, yes I could take a look and hopefully review at Amazon or where you have them for sale. If that’s the case, I’d be happy to. But as far as editing/proof-reading, I couldn’t take any more projects on now. I’m just swamped! 😉

    Happy Tuesday, G

  4. not a problem it’s no where near finished….plus it needs work and proofreading and my concentration is nada, nothing, disappeared….I was just teasing I know how busy you are

  5. Keep at it Lorraine! It is sooo worth it to finish a book and publish it too. Now is a great time for indie authors!

    I never thought I’d have 6 Kindle books published and selling over at Amazon, but I do! It’s a great feeling.

    Laughing At the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well, was on two of the Top 100 PAID lists over at Amazon.ca, when I checked yesterday. On the same page as Martha Stewart’s newest book too. Now that’s a REALLY good feeling. 😉

    Happy Writing and Reading, G

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