Got a Big Bunch of Parsley to Use Up? ;-)


That happens to me, quite often! 

 I use a LOT of parsley in recipes. But the bunches they sell at the stores are usually still too big to get through, without throwing out/composting some of the parsley.

Can you relate? 😉

I recently found this recipe over at Country Living for Parsley Walnut Pesto and gave it a try.

It was so good! 

Such a lovely fresh taste, healthy ingredients and a nice change from the basil types of pesto, I usually make.

I served it with fettucini noodles and some fresh green beans with lemon on the side; made a delish dinner!

Here are a few “tweaks” I made in the recipe:

I omitted the salt, used curly instead of flat-leaf parsley and it worked fine, used a bit less olive oil than they called for.

DO toast the walnuts as suggested, it is worth the bit of extra time this step takes. Really enhances the flavor.

Try to make this at least an hour or two before you plan to use the pesto, to allow flavors to thoroughly blend, in the fridge.

Happy Cooking! 

PS: If you have a favorite parsley recipe, do share! I’m always on the lookout for those. 😉

Photo courtesy of Flickr

9 responses

  1. This pesto was really good. And a great way to use up a lot of parsley. These bunches are too big. Nice color too.

  2. A pertinent post indeed! Yes, it’s always too much parsley. Funny you should mention it. I’m working on a cookbook: “It’s the Parsley” – a compilation of family recipes for my son’s wedding! Thanks for this post!

  3. I don’t have a parley recipe to offer and don’t care for pesto much, but I sure do love to eat fresh parsley raw and by itself or use in cream sauces like Alfredo over Fettuccine, as you do in your recipe. I used to surprise people and my family when I was a kid and wanted their parley on their plate when we ate out that was used to garnish the dish. I ate it up and loved it, still do. 🙂 Happy cooking, Geraldine.

  4. Maybe those large bunches are why it is used often as a garnish! The pesto sounds good, toasting nuts makes a lot of difference in the flavor.

  5. Parsley pesto? Sounds different!

  6. Looks like a rare recipe that actually uses up most of the parsley in the bunch. And it sounds good too.

  7. I buy the potted parsley… it stays fresh longer, looks good on the kitchen windowsill, and can be planted out when I’ve used enough. I like the curly variety best.

  8. Wow that is a lot when I think about it, I purchase some at My all organic store, basically to freshen the breath, ain’t nothing like it, oh gosh I just remembered, I haven’t left a review, it’s a good one, although here and there I learn a little more about you, but it’s hard ’cause you don’t share your pain, except for the loss of your mom…and so many more…

  9. I’ll have to make it again soon Joe. I’ve got a BIG bunch of parsley in the crisper again. 😉

    Oh, that’s so cool about the cookbook you are working on Carole. I hope it’s a great hit at the wedding. The carrot cake too. 🙂

    Parsley is such a healthy food Joyce, it’s good that you eat it often. I add it to a lot of stews, soups etc…and for garnishes too. Now I can add pesto to that list.

    I use to be “lazy” about toasting nuts for recipes but not anymore. I agree Patti, it makes a noticeable taste difference, it’s worth the extra 5 minutes of prep time.

    LadyFi, It’s so fresh tasting, that’s what I like most about this recipe. Just yummy mixed with pasta. (I used rice fettuccine last time) Hope you give it a try.

    Nice to see you again Bongo and I agree.

    That’s such a good idea Val. But if I had parsley in a pot here, Chedster would be up on the counter eating it, instead of his own cat grass. 😉

    I’m glad you are enjoying: Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Lorraine. It is the book that I “opened up” in, most of all. I wanted it to be a very upbeat and optimistic book for readers, not sad. But I did want to explain at the beginning, where I started from, in writing it. Thanks re: review, I’ll be watching for it!

    Happy Cooking and Week, G

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