Me and Mr. Cheddar Wish You a Very Happy Easter!



Eeeewww……bunny kisses!!!! 

I don’t know if I’m ready for this level of commitment.

Especially with a rabbit!😉

9 responses

  1. I love it. Cheddie, not to worry, it’s only ‘bunny love’ and what a cute bunny this is too.

    Have a Happy Easter

  2. Happy Easter to you and Ched. Oh that cutie Ched with his new friend.

  3. Smiling… lovely shot of Mr C and the bunny. Happy Easter to you all.

  4. Hey, Chedster, what’s with the bunny ears? Hmm, maybe you have something here, I’ll bet any girls seeing this, will think you have a soft, sensitive side.

    Dear, Mr. Ched, I’m sorry for Arties’s impertinence here, and really we must offer our consolations. We are sorry for your embarrassment. Whatever was Miss Geraldine thinking?
    Happy Easter, nonetheless, and bring on the jellybeans!
    Hugs, and condolences, Herbert

    Oh, what a sweet picture, you make a good Easter rabbit, Ched.
    Happy Easter to both of you!

  5. oh G. gosh it’s adorable a very Happy Easter to you, Joe, and of course, the Ched!!!! Bet you make your own chocolate lol 😉 Have a great one

  6. Dear Rumpy, Joe, Teri, Val, Brenda (and of course Herbert and Artie) and Lorraine,

    I hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend, in every way.

    We’ve got a sunny day, here today and that is such a lovely treat too!

    Hugs and Headbonks from G and Mr. C! 🙂

  7. PS: The Easter Bunny brought me a nice organic chocolate bunny, among other treats. Hope he was generous at your home too. 😉 G

  8. Somebunny loves you, Mr. Cheddar! Bunnies aren’t all that bad.

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