A CATIO is Now on Mr. Cheddar’s Wish List ;-)

ched catio

Have you ever seen/heard of a CATIO?

If you have a cat(s) this is such a great idea for a beautiful and safe environment for them to “chill out” in.  

Hopefully Mr. Cheddar will have one of his own by this fall. We are planning to move by then and building one of these for him is on the list of “to do’s” when that happens. 

Check out some amazing photos at the Catio Showcase.  Wow, cat luxury and how!

Chedster particularly liked the Koi Pond feature. 😉

Happy Weekend! 

12 responses

  1. Awesome!! Kitty loves it! Those cats homes are nicer than my own, for sure.

  2. The catio looks neat – so much better than a scratch post. 🙂

  3. N’awww these are amazing! After recently witnessing a poor cat getting hit by a car, and living next door to a dog who used to chase our cat, I am really conscious of having a cat in the future and letting it roam outside. These are brilliant solutions!

  4. Kitties love to climb. I’ve been considering the purchase of a cat tower for mine. She climbs all over me and lately decided to check out the stove and the burping fridge. These are some lucky pets with their own catio.

  5. I see where Mr. Cheddar is really enjoying all the luxuries life can afford. 🙂 I have never heard of a ‘catio’ before now. You have a good weekend, too, Geraldine.

  6. Catios are a great idea. We are going to build a catio for him as soon as we move. The one in Florida is amazing.

  7. Those catios look amazing.

  8. Catios are important. Mr Cheddar will be in his element when you move and he gets his own place.

  9. They are indeedy Ms. GJ! 😉 Meowmie says welcome to Veggies….

    Ms. Imelda, I’m guessing they’ve got a few scratchers included with the furniture at that first catio place. Wowsa, that’s some kitty-pad! Snort!!!

    Ms. Hannah, the humans who “own” us (yeah right!!!) should always be careful when it comes to keeping us safe. Catios sure do help with that. I can’t wait to have my own.

    Oh yes, Ms. Tess, a cat tower is a must. The more cat furniture in one’s home, the better. Even if you need to get rid of some of your human furniture to make more room! 😉

    Ms. Joyce, I am NOT enjoying a catio YET, but soon baby, soon!!! They promised, they better deliver or those wake-up calls are going to get to be even earlier!!! Snort!

    Yes Pawmie, do keep those ideas in mind. I want my catio to be the bestest one ever!!!

    They certainly are groovy Ms. Fi, I agree!

    Yes indeedy Ms. Valerie, I can’t wait!

    Happy Weekend to feline and human friends. Thanks for dropping in!

    Chiao for now, Mr. Cheddar (fabulous feline blogger and still a world-class bug warrior!!! BTW, in case you haven’t tried any, those spring flies are oh, so tasty! 🙂 Yumm….

  10. WOW! that is something I have never seen before. My poor cats are so deprived!!! LOL

  11. So many styles from which to choose! It’ll take Mr. Cheddar that long to decide what features he’d like to have.

  12. oh my gosh it’s fabulous perfect for the \hon. Ched, lord knows the inspiration he gave you and he’s just so darned cute…really you’ll be moving soon, you’ve worked so hard for this, you must be so happy and I am so happy for you, this is the best news ever…\you worked for it, instead of sitting on your butt and wishing it would happen. You earned it and I couldn’t be happier for you and Joe and the Chedstar, congrats my dear G.

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