Can You Answer These WordPress ?’s ;-)

I have a couple of WordPress related questions that I posted over at My Poetic Path a couple of days ago.

No one has answered them yet so I thought I’d give it another try over here, with my Veggie…readers.

If you can help with an answer or two, I’d be most grateful! 😉

You can read the post here. 

Happy Wednesday. 

3 responses

  1. I can tell you how to see who is following you – on your stats page, down at the bottom right is the number of followers you have. You can click on that and get a listing of the people who follow, and if they have a blog, that will show. Not sure how you can find a specific post except by bookmarking as others have mentioned.

  2. Hi Geraldine. For bookmarking, I just copy the URL and paste it into a word document that sits on my desktop. It might not be very techy, but it works for me.

    For finding your followers, just go to My Blog, then click on Dashboard, then click on the W with a circle around it, then click on Notifications, then click on Follows and all of your followers show up. Hope this works for you!! Have a great day!

  3. Thanks so much, Sal and Julianna, that was quick! 😉

    Re: the bookmarks, someone mentioned at MPP a “star” to bookmark posts, on WP pages, now I note that on the top right side of the page.
    I’m going to give this a try next time I find a post I want to save for later. And I find a LOT of those. 🙂 So many great blogs I follow and I often want to reblog/share posts from, but not always right away.

    Happy Mid-Week, G

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