Me and the Chedster on St. Paddy’s Day! ;-)

me and mr cheddar for st pats day

Mr. Cheddar and I are whooping it up ‘on the green’ today in our new disguises! 😉

Still looking for more shamrocks and perhaps a leprechaun or two!!!

May the sun shine brightly on your day.

And may the luck of the Irish be with you, all through the year!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! 🙂

10 responses

  1. Too cute. Happy St. Pat’s to you. 🙂

  2. I love it. This is so cute. This made me really laugh. I’m still laughing. Happy St. Pat’s Day.

  3. What a lovely and hilarious photo. I hope you enjoyed every moment of St. Paddy’s day. I wish you a fantastic week. My best wishes to Mr. Cheddar!

  4. Look at you two dancing your Irish jig! Thanks for the smile.

  5. LOL this had burst in laughter out loud, gosh I hope I didn’t wake anybody up, it’s adorable and oh so you!

  6. LOL you both look very impish, I must say.

  7. I thought you’d like this Teri, you being Ched’s fav US Auntie! 😉

    Hilarious is always good! Thanks Brenda.

    And I hope it was for you too Tess. Any green beer?

    You really did laugh a lot Joe! I laughed writing this post. 😉

    Thanks Liz. So glad you enjoyed this post!

    Yes, we really got our exercise yesterday, out on the green Patti. 😉

    The kitties will understand Lorraine, I’m sure they love the Chedster too. 😉

    Impish indeed Val!

    Happy Week from me and Cheddie, G

  8. You and Mr. Ched continue to crack me up! 🙂

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