A New Direction for My Real Life Reviews


I’m taking a new direction over at My Real Life Reviews (click to read the post).

I’m spending more and more time at Amazon.com recently, writing reviews. I’m hovering at 2000 in the Amazon reviewers ranks at this point…woo hooo and heading for the Top 1000 soon I hope. I really LOVE to write reviews, can you tell? 😉

So, I thought I’d combine some of my reviews at both sites, to make things easier for me and also to allow me to share more reviews (albeit shorter ones) over at My Real Life Reviews.

I think it’s a change for the better! Hope you do too.

Happy Reading and Weekend too! 🙂

5 responses

  1. You are awesome!
    Sorry, I keep getting bounced when I try to comment on the other page.

  2. this is a great idea.

  3. I’m a top reviewer too yay us!!! but I’ll never be a top Real Live Reviewer but I sure am a fan

  4. Did not see how to get a book review but see “wp not allow in widgets as link”. Try doing an image link.

  5. Comments here are always good too Tess! 😉

    Thanks dear Joe.

    It’s a great place to write reviews, whatever rank you’re at. I moved up from about 15 MILLION to around 2000, so it’s definitely doable to get on the Top lists there.

    Carl, the book review request info is at My Real Life Reviews (top of page, right under the header).


    Happy Reading and Weekend, G

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