My Heinz Beans “Horror” Story :-(


If you buy/use any Heinz products, I hope you’ll stop by and read about a recent experience I had, over at: My Real Life Reviews.

Click to read: My Heinz Beans “Horror” Story.

And please DO share this post if you can on your FB, Twitter, blogs…

It’s an important warning/heads-up about Heinz, that I hope a lot of people find out about.

As I said in my post:

Buyer Beware!!!

6 responses

  1. Thank you for the heads up…so glad you are both well and healthy…buying food is such a gamble anymore!!!! As if GMO’s weren’t bad enough to worry about!!!!

  2. Yikes, scary. Heinz is one of the brands I’m so familiar with that I almost automatically trust it. Thanks for posting, and reminding me that standards can slip at any time…

  3. Can’t leave a comment at the link so am leaving here.
    Almost makes you want to stop eating, but of course you can’t.

  4. This is an excellent report that people should read and pass along too. I know I won’t be eating any Heinz products anymore.

  5. Can I have your approval to post this on my twitter?

  6. Write to Wag, I couldn’t agree more. Love your blog name. 😉

    Samkbell, Welcome to Veggies and i know what you mean about trust in name brands. Seems they can slip and in a big way, too. 😦

    Tess, For me, it just makes me want to cook from scratch even more. Now, I’ve started making my own slow cooker Boston style beans a lot more often and they are fab! Not that much prep either. So that was one good thing that came from this fiasco.

    Thanks Joe!

    You can certainly post the link to this post or the one at My Real Life Reviews on your Twitter page Brett, I want to spread the word about this as much as I can.

    Thanks for stopping in and for sharing this info. too, if you can, G

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