Raiding My Cookbook Stash! ;-)

cookbooks 2

I  ♥ cookbooks!

I have a large collection of all kinds of cookbooks. Many of them supplied by publishers and authors over the years, as review copies. I spent one afternoon last week, going through some of my favs from the cookbook shelf and picked out some recipes from all of the ones shown here. And yes, two of those are mine. 😉

I made a new version of ratatouille last night from Alive Magazine, which was quite good and from the slow cooker, ♥ that too.

Today, I’m making: Dilly Potato Salad from the Sensational Salads cookbook. I’ve made that one before and it’s delish. Lots of dill and other yummy ingredients in this one.

Here’s a link to that recipe from a previous post, if you’d like to try it.

What’s on the menu for supper at your place tonight?

And do you have a favorite ‘go-to’ cookbook?

Happy Cooking! 🙂

11 responses

  1. My favorite cookbooks are yours, of course. I really mean that.

  2. probably a frozen dinner, come on I can’t change completely, but that reminds me I have a huge Book on the Joy of Cooking that was incredible and with photos which is essential to me I even tried a few recipes from it and wow was it ever good…It was given to me by my ex-sister-in-Law at my Wedding to her brother Jon, anyhoo they didn’t know me well, but it was spectacular I know I still have it, maybe I should start simple…maybe

  3. oh and one on sushi ….love that one lol

  4.’re such a sweetie! Thanks Joe. 🙂

    Cookbooks and cooking aren’t for everyone Lorraine but I’m in heaven when I’m cooking, creating or trying new recipes. It’s so relaxing to me. I can’t imagine not loving to cook.

    Happy Thursday, G

  5. That’s a lot of lovely cookbooks.

  6. I love cookbooks too! Had to buy a book shelf for my kitchen. My go-to’s are usually Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison, Southern Living’s Easy Weeknight Favorites, The Sopranos Family Cookbook, and my treasured Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book (1953) and The Good Housekeeping Cook Book (1944).

    You’ve inspired me to try something different for dinner tonight – and from a cookbook I haven’t used in a while. Thanks Geraldine!

  7. On the good news front I have found a book on Yoga Life so I may try a few that can’t hurt me I know Yoga should be done by Teacher but that I can’t do but there are some poses I’ve always been able to do, the warrior pose, The Chair flow, and the twisting the arms in such a way that your hands end up in a prayer same with legs…I have some agility lol and I do have a lot of books on everything…not so much on cooking, not my thing…but what I have I love 🙂 thanks G., mainly it’s fiction or history, I’m a history buff, books on Titanic, so many books on the Holocaust from survivors, found a marvel of a book about some people who went after SS and found them..I even have a book on the life and death of Adolf Hitler by Robert Payne on the cover Hitler signed his name haven’t gotten around to it yet, but all I can see from some watercolours he did, he should have remained an artist “cause he was excellent how can such an artist become a monster? How is that even possible?

  8. LadyFi, And that’s only a small sample of the whole set! 😉 I’ve also donated a lot of review copies to our local library so that other people here in town can enjoy them too. I do save my favs though, for myself. 😉

    Kelly, I’m so glad this post inspired you! That’s great.

    Lorraine, Prime of Life Yoga is my choice for DVD’s, hands down. You can read my review of this series over at My Real Life Reviews. I think it’s such a good idea to use a DVD or go to a class, when trying out new yoga poses. Good luck with your yoga journey, I LOVE yoga soooo much too!

    Happy Weekend to All, G

  9. I used to love cookbooks. It was fun cooking. Now, I haven’t cooked in ages. I have a wonderful husband who does all that stuff. All I do is write, teach, write, teach…

  10. I love flipping through cookbooks, but I also love mixing up recipes to make them my own.

  11. I love my back issues of Bon Appetit and the Whole Foods Market Cookbook…but so many others too!!

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