Need a Last Minute Crochet Gift to Make?

christmas crochet gifts

I’ve always  making (and getting!) handmade gifts, at any time of year

There’s something so special about a present that someone took the time to make, large or small and in whatever type of craft it was created from.

I also  crochet, although I haven’t been doing that much “hooking” 😉 in the past year. I hope to get back to more crochet projects in 2014.

I found this short but well done Christmas crochet book:

Christmas Crochet Done In a Day 

over at Amazon recently and decided to give it a try.


Here’s my review from Amazon:

Christmas Crochet: Done In a Day features attractive holiday crochet projects that definitely would be doable in a day or two.

IMO, there is nothing better than handmade gifts at any time of year. The crafts in this book would make excellent holiday gifts that would be well received by the recipient.

Instructions are easy to understand.

In spite of it being a rather small book, there are projects that would appeal to young and old, two and four- legged pals too!

As an avid and long-time crocheter, I’m glad I downloaded a copy of Christmas Crochet: Done In A Day.”


If you’d still like to make some crochet Christmas crafts but need a little inspiration, give this ebook a try. And do let me know what you make!

Happy Hooking and Holidays! 😉

6 responses

  1. what a lovely book and a good review. Crochet is new for me, as you well know, so I will hunt this little book down in the non-kindle version and probably ask a kindle for Christmas;0)

  2. I like the doll blanket on the cover. You made me LOL with your “hooking” reference.

  3. Handmade gifts are the best. I love getting them too. This sounds like a good craft book. Excellent review.

  4. Well I’m one the lucky ones I will be getting a great gift this new Year’s Eve someone will knit some winter wear for my Kindle, how Kind, wouldn’t you say?

  5. Hi Flora, Yes, make sure that Santa gets the word re: a new Kindle for Christmas, you will love it!!!

    Hi Patti, I thought these were all sweet patterns and perfect last minute gifts to make. Glad I brought a chuckle to your day too. 😉

    Hi Joe, I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

    Hi Lorraine, Yes, I’m sure your Kindle will appreciate being snuggly and warm. 😉 Soon!

    Happy Crafting, G

  6. Crochet is a lovely thing. I wish I wish I have the time to do some stuff. It is so sweet of you to make those handcrafted gifts. 🙂

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