Veggie…readers, your opinion please! ;<)

haiku reflections II cover 3

I am just finishing the second volume of my haiku series: Haiku Reflections.

I would appreciate your opinion re: the cover photo.

The one shown above is just one of several I’m considering.

I’ve posted all the choices over at My Poetic Path, you can see the post here.

The more opinions, the better! 😉 

Thanks so much and Happy Wednesday

17 responses

  1. I like the Daisies. Your book title includes the word “reflections” and the fact that there are two daisies of similar size suggests a reflection. Hope this helps.

  2. they are all beautiful and i like the oak leaf the best, though really not for any logical reason, i’m always drawn to green. it symbolizes life and everlasting hope for me. ) beth

  3. I’m thinking the daisies or the rose. They go better with the colour of the cover than the others.

  4. I’m going with the daisies or the yellow rose. They are all beautiful.

  5. Hi Michael, I love what you’ve said about the two daisies. Thanks so much!

    Hi Beth, I love green too, I can totally relate! 😉

    Hi Suz, Thanks so much. Yes, the cover color and the flowers have to go together, that’s for sure.

    Hi Joe, Thanks dear!

    Lots of suggestions coming in over at My Poetic Path too. Great to read everyone’s ideas for this cover. Thanks so much and keep them coming. 🙂 G

  6. First of all, congratulations!!! What a great accomplishment. Secondly, I vote for the Red Petunia cover – it’s beautiful and striking. Celeste 🙂

  7. Geraldine, I vote for the petunia because it has cleaner lines and background. Because of that, the title of the book pops out. 🙂 And yes! Congratulations for having this collection.

  8. didn’t see a comment place for the Ched so here goes, to me he can only the King of Rock’nRoll Love me tender, love me dear, all my dreams come true ’cause you are truly Ched

  9. I like the daisies, the rose and also the green leaf. You might want to consider making the title bold or placing it differently so that it’s easier to read.

  10. \i know I wrote a comment other than The hon.Ched,
    I picked daisy, than pink rose, thank another coloured-rose that i no longer remember because I can’t find the comment button on anything, this was a miracle that I got in today

  11. do i really need a word press account to make it easier or to buy your stuff….

  12. Hi Celeste, Thanks so much for your kind words and the petunia vote!

    Hi Imelda, Another petunia vote! As far as the text color Imelda, that’s still under consideration, this is just the default at CreateSpace. I can change that to any color, after I decide on the photo.

    Hi Lorraine, Ched loved what you said and I did too. 😉

    I’m not sure what you are asking about WP, do you mean to start another blog? My books etc…have nothing to do with WP, they are all sold through, .ca etc… If you type in my name at, all my books and ebooks come up! Thanks for your support L, I appreciate it. 🙂

    And for your flower votes too.

    Hi Suz, I’ll stop over for a read, thanks so much! 🙂

    Hi LadyFi, As I’ve mentioned already, the text color is only temporary, I will change it to match the photo. Thanks for your feedback!

    Happy Weekend to All, G

    PS: Any snow where you are? None where we are, it’s rather warm actually.

  13. yep as I was busy looking at my many blogs, i forgot \i just washed my hair, had applied some brown to cover grey and totally forgot about it, I haven’t looked yet but you may just ha twin…..if you know what \i mean, I ‘m light brown sometimes auburn in the summer I’ve never been a red-head i wonder how it will look on me,,,,gosh I should pay more atttention oh well worth a giggle

  14. phew kinda like slightly auburn like I get in the summer…that’ll teach me to pay attention

  15. Lorraine, glad your hair came out ok! My hair has some red highlights, but it’s definitely not red overall.

    I’m using Ash Brown henna these days from Colora and just love it. Not harmful, with no harsh chemicals. I mix it with strong coffee, it colors great and leaves my hair nice and soft too. 😉

  16. My cover choice is now posted at My Poetic Path:

    thanks to everyone here and at MPP who left feedback on the various cover photos I was considering. I loved reading every one of your comments! 🙂

    Happy Week to All, G

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