Soda Tab Lamp Shade




Do It And How

Start collecting tabs now!! Raid your recycle bin – especially after parties!

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Instructions HERE

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14 responses

  1. This is what recycling should be all about. This lamp is so cool. I’m going to try making one of these. But it will take a lot of pop can tabs, I agree.

  2. Utterly awesome Geraldine …. love it so BIG thanks for sharing it. As you know I upcycle old genuine vintage fabrics as I hate to see waste, this takes it to a whole new level! you may like my blog today…. ventured into the world of knitting 😉 Happy Sunday x

  3. Hi Suz, I agree, way cool indeed. 😉

    Hi Jacqui, Isn’t it? I’m not usually a fan of crafts like this but I think the finished product is so nice. You can’t really tell these are drink tabs, when the lamp is lit up, can you? 😉

    Hi Joe, I hope you do make one of these lamps. I don’t think I’d have the patience but I like the results.

    Hi SewingPatch, I thought this was so worthy of a reblog and I’m so glad WP allows us to do that.

    So many talented bloggers out there but with long lists of blogs to read, sometimes it’s easy to miss a “gem” like this. I’m glad you enjoyed this post/project and happy Sunday back to you.

    A happy and creative week to all, G

  4. This is adorable!! There’s a fancy clothing store near me in Laguna Beach that has all kinds of soda tab clothing items in their window right now. They look amazing, but I don’t know how comfortable they would be. 🙂

  5. One never knows what can happen if one starts something, a very simple thing. But now I know.

  6. Wow! This looks like an incredible project with equally incredible results! Great to know we can recycle pop can tabs ourselves!

  7. Amazing and Thank you so much for sharing

  8. wow this is spectacular, magical, beautiful, from a can lid? this is a stand up and applause moment, for me though I don’t have cans…still it increases creativity well done G!!!

  9. Hi Tess, Welcome to Veggies…and I agree, this is rather divine indeed. 😉

    Hi Celeste, Talk about ‘cross-ventilation’ re: those clothes you mentioned. 😉

    Hi Edgar, Isn’t that the truth? So often, some of our best projects/ideas start small and build from there.

    Hi Jack, We don’t drink much pop here but the local recycling center is a good source for these tabs. Maybe something to add to the project list. I really think this turned out so well.

    Hi Gede, Welcome to Veggies…and thanks for your comment!

    Hi Lorraine, It is kind of magical, I agree.

    Happy Crafting, wherever the muse takes you, G

  10. Oh wow. That is really effective! What a neat idea.

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