Another Green Wonder: Spearmint :<)


I’m not a big fan of most herbal-type teas.

But I do regularly drink spearmint tea, which I prepare myself, using a tea strainer, not from commercial teabags. Saves a lot of $$$$ making it this way and I think the flavor is more intense than with teabags.

 celestial tea strainer

I use this beautiful tea strainer from Mountain Rose Herbs (click to read my review). What a lovely and thoughtful gift this strainer makes too, especially with a selection of teas included. 😉 

I like spearmint tea cold from the fridge in particular, with no ice and no sweetener added. Really refreshing, especially after exercising. 😉

You can read about some of the many benefits of spearmint here.

What is your favorite herbal/plant-based tea and how do you like to prepare and serve it?

Happy Sipping! 😉

7 responses

  1. You make it sounds so good.
    In answer to your question about blogger list, no I have not had a problem.

  2. I will have to try this–we have so much mint growing out back

  3. I like spearmint tea too, hot or cold. And using a tea strainer is a great idea.

  4. Hi Teri, It is so good Teri! Thanks for letting me know re: blogger lists. I’ll have to keep checking on this.

    Hi Audrey, Mint is so good, in so many things. You’re lucky to have it fresh where you live.

    Hi Joe, I’m so glad I started using a tea strainer. It really saves money and IMO makes better tasting tea too.

    Happy sipping, G 🙂

  5. my favourite is Ginger…not that I make it myself, but anyhoo spearmint yes, i’ve had I don’t make but it is wonderful even for a hurting tummy…:)

  6. I haven’t tried spearmint lately, but this post is making me crave some. I usually have English or Irish Breakfast tea in the morning and chamomile at night. I have been meaning to try preparing it myself sometime.

  7. I wonder if chocolate mint has the same properties. We have some in the garden.

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