The Breath of Life…

breath of life

…something that most of us take for granted.

But for people that do suffer from serious breathing problems including:

asthma, bronchitis, emphysema…

I recently found out about a drug-free alternative therapy that has helped many people around the world:

The Buteyko Breathing Method 

click to read my full review.

Wishing you a healthy and happy week! 🙂

Photo courtesy of Flickr

3 responses

  1. We do take breathing for granted, until there are problems. This sounds like a therapy that would be worth trying. And drug free is always good.

  2. I studied this breathing once from a friend who is a teacher of it. I don’t have any of the main health concerns, but she pointed out that we all have something that this sort of breathing would benefit from. I never did keep up with the practice though, so I can not say my experience.

  3. Hi Joe, I’m all for drug-free. And based on all the testimonials, this seems to be a worthwhile therapy to consider for anyone with breathing problems.

    Hi Tammie, That’s so interesting Tammie.

    Yes, I think we can all improve our breathing even in small ways which I’ve been trying to do since watching this dvd. It is SO important.

    Happy Wednesday, G

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