Mr. Cheddar Needs Your Opinion! ;<)

ned flanders ched

It’s almost Halloween time again!

 Mr. Cheddar is once again looking for that perfect costume for the big night! 😉

Here’s his top choice so far.

Mr. Cheddar would like to know what you think of the:

“Ned Flanders Devilish Ched” look?

Wishing you a weekend filled with smiles and chuckles! 🙂

7 responses

  1. Funny costume. I hope you share some other costume choices before Halloween. You are so funny Mr. Ched.

  2. If he wants to be scary, he should go as a politician!

  3. Not bad as costumers go, except Mr Cheddar can’t make his handsome face look evil enough for Halloween.

  4. Very scary!! Just tell him to be careful with the trident! We don’t want any bad accidents on Halloween night…

  5. Joe, I think Mr. Cheddar may have some more costume ideas up his furry sleeve. 😉

    Rumpy, I’ll have to share that suggestion with the Chedster. Sure made me laugh.

    Val, Ahh…he is one handsome fella, I agree.
    I live with two handsome fellas actually. I’m lucky! 🙂

    ChefJulianna, Yes indeedy, a good reminder. 😉

    Happy Weekend to All, G

  6. You handsome little devil, people won’t buy it though as debonair and devilish as you can be, id’s see you more in a ZORO costume, says it all

  7. Chedster — you are so handsome – no matter the costume!!

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