Another Green Wonder: Parsley!


After recently finding out about the many health benefits of adding cilantro to smoothies, which I posted about here, I decided to check out another commonly-used herb: parsley.

Turns out, parsley is another nutrient-packed herb, that shouldn’t be considered just as a garnish or to “pretty-up” a bowl of soup. 😉

You can read one of many online articles about the health benefits of parsley at This article also includes a smoothie recipe that’s suppose to be great for reducing bloating and water retention.

I’m going to give parsley a whirl in a smoothie soon.

Let me know if you try it too! Or if you have already. 😉


11 responses

  1. I love to just eat parsley alone, but also use it garnish dishes. I have also frozen batches of it, washed, dried, and cut up, and bagged, as I have with Cilantro, and both those herbs do well, frozen, as do other fresh herbs, peppers, etc.

  2. I’m like Joyce, I eat parsley on it’s own. Whenever I pass my parsley plant I snap a stalk and savour the herb. I do, of course, use it for other things like garnish and parsley sauce.

  3. That’s a wonderfully lush photo!

  4. Such a pretty green.

  5. Parsley so good in soup and sauces and eggs…never had it in smoothies! Great photo!

  6. I like parsley. Good to know it’s so good for us too. Good post.

  7. I wouldn’t have thought to use either of those in a smoothie.

  8. Thank you for the link to the recipe! I’ll try that soon, I’ve been looking for smoothie recipes. I like parsley, too, I even grow my own in my little window sill herb garden. Unfortunately, I forgot to water the last batch due to real life stress and it died. 😦

  9. Hi Joyce, Interesting about freezing parsley, I’ve never had much luck with freezing herbs of any kind. They always look so sad after they come out of the freezer. 😦 My ‘beef’ with the grocery stores in general is that they sell such LARGE bunches of organic parsley (at least they do here in Canada) that it’s sometimes hard to use it all before it goes bad. But now, with my new smoothie green venture LOL, I have a new way of using it up! 😉

    Hi Val, Oh, parsley sauce, that sounds good. Is that a cream/white sauce?

    Hi Lady Fi and LFFL, I totally agree. Love Flickr! 😉

    Hi Flora, Let me know if you do.
    And, I am so loving my apron from you. Thanks again for the great prize! 🙂

    Hi Joseph, Yes, so many things that are good for us are so tasty too. Hard to imagine that so many people dislike veggies and herbs. Hard to imagine!

    Hi Patti, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprized! 😉

    Hi Lagran, Let me know if you give this a whirl. 😉 Oh that’s so cool about the window box garden, love it!

    Happy Blending, G

  10. I currently have an obsession with parsley. I’ve been putting a big handful in my green smoothie in the morning, and recently I started blending a handful and mixing with eggs to make a parsley omelette. Mmmm. That stuff is amazing!

  11. The photo is breathtaking but something no one seems to know or few do is that the reason it’s always on a plate in a restaurant is because is freshens the breath, I tried it once after something garlicky and it’s wonderful…

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