Another Stash-Busting Project: Bow-Knot Scarf

bow tie scarf 2

I made this Bow-Knot scarf recently from some black worsted-weight stash yarn that I had.

It was a very hot day when I had this photo taken, hence the inappropriate clothes worn with it. LOL 😉

I do think it will be very nice to wear for the winter though.

An easy project, would be perfect for beginners and didn’t take much yarn either.  Nice gift idea too!

If you’ve been looking for another stash-busting project for your own “yarn pile” you can check out the pattern here.

The only slight error I noted in this pattern, was on the first line that starts with: NEXT ROW, line should have read decreases NOT increases stitch. No biggie but if you’re new to knitting you might wonder about that. 😉

Happy Crafting and Knitting!

Happy Autumn too!  🙂

12 responses

  1. i love this! what a great wardrobe addition.

  2. Love it!

  3. Very elegant! (even with a summer dress;0))

  4. I like that. And, it looks like a simple pattern.

  5. Thanks so much for the pattern, I am always looking for easy knit patterns since I’m a newbie 🙂

  6. WOW what you do with material….i am in awe!

  7. Someone made me one of these, I thought she’d invented the idea herself… now I know she didn’t. I love it though, it sits so nicely.

  8. Hi Leovlad, Welcome and thank you!

    Hi Abby, I kind of like it too. 😉

    Hi Flora, It was SO hot that day. I know it looks rather silly with that dress but I improvised. 😉

    Hi Lady Peach, It is a perfect project for beginners, if anyone needs some new inspiration. Now, I’m on to more challenging projects for fall: gloves, socks, beret…I’ll be posting about those in the coming weeks.

    Hi Sue, Welcome and so glad you found this helpful.

    Hi Lorraine, Easy peasy for this one. Thanks friend.

    Hi Val, That’s cute Val. What color is yours? I’d love to see a photo of it!

    Happy Crafting and Weekend. I’m knitting and cooking up a storm for the next couple of days! G

  9. You’re so talented and such a sweet person! I love your blog and am so thankful to have you as a reader on mine!

  10. Super cute! I’ve started this project, too, but the yarn wasn’t right for it so I frogged it again. But I do think that after seeing your post I need to retry with a different yarn!

  11. Hi – thank you for this pattern – I have so many odd balls of very nice yarn that I need to use up so something small like this is perfect. It may be my screen but I couldn’t read the first part of the text as it was blue and there was a blue border of knitting that obscured it. I had to copy and paste to a white document to see it fully.

  12. Hi Julia, Aren’t you nice! Thanks for the lovely comment.

    Hi LaGran, I hope you’ll share a photo or two when complete? 😉

    Hi KnitNell, Welcome and I agree, a good pattern for using up small amounts of stash yarn. I find there’s too many patterns out there supposedly FOR stash yarn, but they actually take more than a skein of yarn to complete. Most of my stash is yarns that I have less than one full skein left.

    That’s weird about the text but glad you found a way around it. 😉

    Happy Knitting, G

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