Kindle Free Promo is a Go!!!

third chapter second chance cover


If anyone has already been over there, Amazon got started with today’s promos a bit later than expected.

But they are a go now!  😉


I hope you enjoy all my eBooks and if you do, reviews at Amazon would be most appreciated!

Click through to my Amazon Author’s page to see all my books, to date. (I’ve got two more in the works right now!) 😉

Today: Saturday, Third Chapter, Second Chance and The Groovy Green Kitchen: Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker are both available as free Kindle downloads

haiku cover from vespers blog

Tomorrow, My Poetic Path and Haiku Reflections will both be available as free Kindle downloads.

My Poetic Path NEW cover (front)

Happy Reading, Cooking and Weekend!

6 responses

  1. Great promo for awesome books.

  2. Way to go G. you are author, but I guess you’ve been one for longer than i know, my only claim to authorship if you can call it that is poetry published, does that make me a poet, can’t seem to write a single word anymore, but I’m glad you can and do so so well

  3. Also I remember your book, you sent me a copy that was lovely now if can only find it I’ve done tones of reviews on, I had started reading it but never finished them ove went to fast I’m still searching for other books that has been sent to me I’ve onl managed to find one so far, still looking for yours, when I went back to get the rest of my stuff I didn’t have any room in my car, but it didn’t matter because they thrown everything out in garbage bags as far as I know ten of them…I try so hard to forget ’cause I can’t move on with this fury within me….but we’ll see I still haven’t unpacked everything

  4. Kindles are good. It would be a very nice thing to have. I bet they went in 5 minutes!

  5. Hi Joe, Thanks dear! 🙂

    Hi Lorraine, Yes, I know you have a print copy of Haiku Reflections, not sure about my other poetry book though, My Poetic Path. I hope you enjoy the poetry.

    I didn’t know you had published your poetry, is that in a book or as single poems? That’s exciting Lorraine. You should blog about this when you can.

    Hi Lady Peach, The promo I’m blogging about is for my Kindle books, not for Kindle ereaders. Don’t know if I’m understanding your comment correctly. 😉 As far as free, the downloads are limitless. One of many great things about eBooks. All those trees saved too. 🙂

    Happy Reading and Sunday, G

  6. well once i won third place, and once a citation of some kind the one I won third place was the one about my son, the memory… know innocence forever etched in the shadow of the leaves….but it was no big deal anyhoo i hope i find it

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