Cilantro Power! Who Knew? ;<)


I must admit, I haven’t always been a fan of cilantro. Far from it actually.

I (intensely) disliked the taste of it when added to foods or even as a garnish.

There was even a blog called I HATE CILANTRO (maybe still is) with many followers that I blogged about, a long time ago.

But I’ve changed my mind about cilantro and in a big way, after reading about it’s many health benefits.

I also recently read about adding cilantro to smoothies and gave it a try.

Here’s one of my new fav smoothie recipes that includes cilantro:

1 C. blueberries or blackberries

small handful of cilantro leaves

3-4 T. natural vanilla yogurt

1/2 C. soy or almond milk

2 T. unsweetened shredded coconut

Thoroughly blend….and enjoy! 🙂


The great thing about this smoothie, you can’t really taste the cilantro, it just seems to “brighten” up the overall flavor of the smoothie, in a pleasing way. Fresh and tasty, going down the hatch. 😉

Are you a smoothie fan?

What’s your fav smoothie recipe?

If you’d like to read more, here are a couple : Global Healing , Natural News…. of the many articles online about the benefits of consuming cilantro, in particular for helping to cleanse the body of heavy metal residues.

Cilantro Power!!! Who knew? 😉

25 responses

  1. Thank you. I’ve never used cilantro so I really do know one way or the other.

  2. I’m going to have to try cilantro in a smoothy. I usually put peanut butter, banana, strawberries and soy milk in my smooties. They’re delicious!

    As for cilantro recipes, have you ever tried quacamole? One of the main ingredients is cilantro. It is so good when paired with veggies or chips. I tend to go for the veggies. Really, really good! Yum!

  3. I like cilantro in food like lemon grass.

  4. Cilantro is in all the salsas at the Mexican restaurants here, and lately I’ve noticed it in my prepackaged spring green salad mixes–cilantro overkill honestly.

  5. Nice post! Good to know, because I love cilantro! I’m going to regularly buy a bunch and put in smoothies now. Thanks!!!

  6. Hi Lady Peach, If you like smoothies, give this a try. I was pleasantly surprised. 🙂

    Hi Jack, Yes, I am familiar with guacamole but have never added cilantro to mine, even though I know it’s a must for a lot of people. I think you’ll like it in smoothies. Your recipe sounds delish btw! Peanut butter is so versatile, isn’t it? 😉

    Hi Edgar, MMm…interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Kerbey, The cilantro growers must be happy. 😉 I’m glad it’s relatively easy to find and inexpensive for the organic type. I try to buy organic as much as possible. And welcome to Veggies!

    Hi ExploreNewness, Let me know what you think! And welcome to Veggies too. So nice to see so many new visitors here lately. And I’ve been enjoying so many of your blogs too. 🙂

    Happy Blending, G

  7. I’m a total cilantro fan now…but I used to really dislike it too! I love it in salad dressings, spring rolls, salsa, guac, and smoothies 🙂

  8. I was never a fan of cilantro either but it certainly has some good health benefits. And you don’t actually taste it in this smoothie. It just tasted great.

  9. It does have a strong flavor and scent, but you are right. It has that fresh distinctive smell and flavor. I only wish it does not look so close to parsley – imagine what happens to food if one mistakenly adds cilantro to it. 🙂

  10. Hi HHF, It is definitely an “acquired taste” I agree. 😉 Welcome to Veggies!

    Hi Joseph, I love this smoothie too. Time to get more cilantro!

    Hi Imelda, They do look similar, especially the flat leaf parsley/cilantro. Nice to see you again Imelda!

    Happy Weekend, G

  11. Who knew indeed? I usually just buy persil (gosh what is it in English?)’cause it really freshens your breath….but hey cilantro,I’ll give it a try you know how shy I am about cooking….but I like to add fresh herbs from my organic store, like mint or oregano etc to my salads, i decided to return to my natural organic soy eating the way I use too or else I just buy package food and throw it in the microwave, so I guess you’re getting to me…;)

  12. I love cilantro! but never thought of putting it in a smoothie…great idea!

  13. Good Morning! If you put cilantro in a smoothie, how would it alter the taste? What kind of smoothie are ya”ll talking about?

  14. Hi Lorraine, Sounds great Lorraine. Microwave food is a big no-no as far as I’m concerned and for so many reasons. 😦

    Smoothies are a GREAT way to add a lot of nutrients to your diet, with no cooking required. And they can taste sooo good too. I hope you give this smoothie recipe a try. 😉

    Hi Lunar, Welcome and thank you!

    Hi Lady Peach, It’s all there in my post re: the (good) taste and the smoothie recipe I made. 😉

    Happy Weekend, G

  15. Good Morning! OK. I need to do some shopping tomorrow. I think I will get some Cilantro and try it out. I love smoothies. And, I’m sure they can be made out of all sorts of things.
    Experimentation is the key!

  16. i absolutely love cilantro…. especially with avocados…. have yet to hear in smoothies tho….

  17. I still haven’t gotten to shop, however, if I get to tomorrow, I want to get cilantro and then do some experimenting!

  18. I guess you need a food processor for that?

  19. Ms. Pie, How nice to see you again! You’ve got to try it in a smoothie, it’s delish. I made another one this morning:

    1/2 of a large ripe organic banana
    handful of organic cilantro
    1/2 C. organic vanilla soymilk
    3 T. natural unsweetened (Balkan style) yogurt
    dash of cinnamon

    It was very good! 🙂

    Lady Peach, Yes, experimenting with smoothies can be a lot of fun. But I always include a protein source like yogurt or peanut butter, non-dairy milk and add other goodies from there.

    Lorraine, I have a Hamilton Beach hand held stick blender that works great, even for blending carrots which I think is exceptional for this type of small blender vs a juicer.

    I reviewed it over at My Real Life Reviews a while back if you’re in the market for a new one. This one comes with a mini chopper too that so handy:

    Happy Blending, G

  20. Hey Geraldine, Last night I sprinkled some on a concoction of a salad although, I didn’t taste it. So this evening I’m going to try a little more on a chicken thigh. And shortly I will
    put a smoothie together. I love those things!

  21. I’ve also grown to really love cilantro as well. Growing up in a Latino household, cilantro was in EVERYTHING and I hated it! It’s an acquired taste, that’s for sure.
    I’ve seen so many different smoothie recipes with cilantro that I’ve been meaning to try. Yours looks delish! I’m kind of scared because it has such a strong flavor, but it looks like you’ve got a nice combo going there. That’s what I thought about kale and spinach too and I’ve been adding those to my smoothies pretty regularly. Great post!

  22. Oh lordy. I dunno if I can get on board with this! I hate cilantro! … But I am a curious smoothie-maker….

  23. Good Morning to all! I’m working trying cilantro. I put a little bit in something but couldn’t taste it. I’m going to try again.

  24. Lady Peach, That’s the whole point! 😉 You DON’T taste it in smoothies (if you only add a handful as I did) but you DO get all the health benefits of it. I don’t like the taste of cilantro but it’s hard to ignore all the great things it could do for us, healthwise. It’s the best of both worlds, adding it to smoothies. 🙂

    Food4Thought, Thanks so much. I agree about the strong flavor of cilantro. That’s why I’m amazed how it’s not noticeable in the smoothies I’ve added it too.

    KLB, Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I completely understand how you feel. 😉

    Happy Blending and Weekend, G

  25. OK Thank you. Now I understand better. Thanks for the info.

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