Free Box Treasures!

to use for veggies!-crop

I found a real “gem” the other day, in our local library’s free box.

A truly exceptional and inspiring book. You can read more here 

Do you regularly check out FREE boxes of all kinds?

What treasures have you found, over the years?

Don’t you just love finding a great freebie! 😉

PS: Speaking of free books: check out my latest post at My Poetic Path  re: my Kindle book promo, coming up this weekend! 🙂

13 responses

  1. found bags of stuff at our recycle center i use for art projects with my class ) love free stuff too!

  2. I love this! And of course, free is good!

  3. I do love finding treasures such as this.

  4. I use my leftover cloth (from sewing) for keyboard covers in my classes.

  5. I am pretty sure that our library doesn’t have a free box, but maybe I need to suggest it to them. Great idea.


  6. Hey Jacqui! No, I don’t know of many freebies around here. Course, I don’t drive and so I don’t get around much. I want to compliment your blog’s set up. It really looks good!

  7. It’s amazing what you can find in a free box. Lots of things that are still usable. Especially good books, like this one.

  8. Hi KsBeth, Oh, good find! I bet those came in handy. 😉

    Hi Lady Peach, Thanks so much for your kind words re: my blog presentation. And welcome to Veggies…

    Hi Patti, Isn’t it fun!

    Hi Jacqui, Great idea Jacqui! 🙂

    Hi Jen, I’m surprised if they don’t have one but definitely suggest if that’s the case.

    Hi Joe, I agree.

    Happy “hunting” freebies only!!! G

  9. Books, definitely, small figurines (some even Porcelaine) loved old jewelry left over to some niece who didn’t want to go through it sold it for pennies, I found treasures, scrapbook stuff, some original pieces from Japan and not the ones that say made in Japan, which is not the real thing, apparently the real thing is only when it says Japan, found an old beige unusual vase which prints out Jansen — Herman anno 1777…imagine that but they ruined by first writing at the bottom in marker 1.00 then a green X or something of the sort of course I’ll try to clean it…it has a few chips off here and there but overall in good shape and you know stuff….there’s nothing like it

  10. Thank you. That was wonderful!

  11. Thank you KsBeth. Hey Everyone!

  12. Hi Lorraine, I know you love a good freebie, thanks for sharing some of them at your blog too!

    Hi Lady Peach, You are back! 😉

    Happy Weekend, G 🙂

  13. Hey Ladies! Yes, I’m here! I’m learning my way around now and I love it here! Still have to correct some mistakes, etc. although that’s when we learn. Geraldine, thank you ever so much for your comment about my purple rose. I’m going to say this now so I don’t forget. Everyone have a super great weekend!!!

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