Some EASY Tips for Taking Better Food Photos!

I was doing a browse last week for tips on taking food photos with a DSLR camera.

I have a new camera I’m just learning to use right now. And food photos are something that are definitely on my list for getting more proficient and comfortable with.

I found this helpful and easy to understand tutorial re: food photography over at the Pioneer Woman site.

This is not for the pros out there. 😉

This is for the rest of us who want to get the most from our digital cameras without the steep learning curve it takes to be an expert.

And with the technology and software getting better all the time, we should all be able to take good-excellent photographs, on a consistent basis.

As far as food photography:

I see a LOT of food photos on blogs and websites. Some of them are so beautiful….all the way to “how could they post THAT” awful.

If food doesn’t look appetizing and isn’t presented and photographed in a pleasing way, why bother to post the photo? 😦

I hope you find this tutorial helpful too.

And if you have any tips that have worked for you with your own food photos, DO SHARE! 🙂


8 responses

  1. oh my gosh, a DSLR what everybody dreams of can get the greatest lenses, instead of depending on one lense for all, you’ve worked hard,you deserve it…I use to have types of gadgets and screens and lense lengths when Film was the the thing, I had a Minolta SRT201 35mm for a digital to match the quality , hmmm heavens you have to have a DSLR Congratulations Geraldine, the pleasure ahead of you, will blow you away, I stick with my Canon ’cause it’s pretty good, I started at 12 the second I held a camera in my hand I knew it was meant to be….I can’t afford a DSLR because I’m greedy I’d want all the lenses, all the gadgets, everything…so you go for it, for now I’m sticking with my great Canon and technical knowledge: Look See Shoot

  2. Thank you for this post! Photographing food is my greatest challenge with blogging. Sometimes I wonder how so many food photographers create yummy food, take beautiful photos of it, write lovely posts about it and still have a life. It seems that as bloggers we have to be good at so many things – such a challenge!! Anyway, photography is my challenge. Celeste 🙂

  3. You have to have good food photos if you want to present a recipe in a pleasing and appealing way. Some of them fall well short of the mark. This is a helpful tutorial.

  4. Thanks so much for this post! I am also trying really hard to learn the fine art of good food photography! Your link has some great hints to make it much easier and faster. Good luck with your new camera. Cheers!

  5. Food photography, yep that would be a definite problem…where would I find the food? plus that is excellent to me a cookbook that doesn’t have the final products shown, would never get my attention…

  6. oh and I’ve just had the greatest idea…I’m wearing my little treasures…

  7. Hi Lorraine, It’s always a learning experience with a new camera but we get there, don’t we? Fun when it all clicks (pun intended) ! 🙂 I’m glad the pouches are working. They are for me too. Amazing but true. 🙂

    Hi Celeste, I found this tutorial so helpful. Not a bunch of techno-jargon that I can’t get into, but some good tips that I know will help with future foodie photos. We can all improve, right? Even the pros out there. LOL

    Hi Joe, I completely agree. Taking a photo that looks like a plate of “slop” what’s that good for, but I see too many of those online. I hope I’ve risen above that category already. I certainly make an effort to share food photos that are appetizing, always.

    Hi Chef Juliana, I’m so glad you found this link helpful! Welcome to Veggies…

    Happy Mid-week, G

  8. Thanks for finding and sharing this site. I needed it.

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