A Mr. Cheddar Pet Peeve Post: Scented Cat Litter

mr cheddar litter review


Read about a recent “litter crisis”…

at our place and why I don’t like scented cat litter: here.

Yes, at long last, I’m baaaaack… to writing feline product reviews.

And if I may say so myself, I’m getting even wittier and more entertaining with each passing year! 😉

 You probably didn’t think that was possible, right? Snooooortttt…

Right on and read on, oh humans and felines!

2 responses

  1. Sam Sam has re-occuring viruses, so I got an air cleaner, works well, she hasn’t had an episode since but most importantly I’ve purchased litter 99% dust free and it made all the difference… oh ps I have received your magical pouches I show them on : My New Home so if you could go visit and put your G. on people will find it easier to find you, I love them, thank you so much!

  2. You go Cheddie. Can’t wait to read your review.

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