Wooo…hoo, 200+ Followers at Veggies…

Thank you so much for signing up to follow my WP blogs, here at Veggies…

…and also at my poetry blog: My Poetic Path.

I hope you’ll enjoy many posts at all my blogs, as time goes by.

I’ll try to keep things interesting and yummy too. 🙂

And speaking of yummy, I need to get back to posting more recipes, soon.


I’ve been blogging on and off for quite a few years and with a few different blogs.

But when I quit, I always missed it and came back.


Now to ‘fess up a bit…

Up until recently, I hesitated to sign up to follow any blogs, as I mistakenly thought that I would receive an email for each new post from every blog I followed. And I already have waaaay too many emails to read, every week.

Silly me!!!

I realize now, that’s not the case, unless it’s my preference.

So now, I happily click along the WP Reader list, enjoying new posts from the many blogs I’m following.

And my 8 (yes 8) inboxes aren’t any more crowded than they already were. 😉

And what great new blogs I’ve been finding recently too, in addition to my old favs.

I’m like a kid in a candy store! 😉

Again, thank you for your visits, comments, likes and follows.

All appreciated. 🙂


What do you like most about blogging?

And if you’ve been blogging for quite a while, have you also quit and come back?


PS: I have one more (Blogger) blog, in case you’d like to check it out too, for product/book reviews:

My Real Life Reviews

7 responses

  1. I wear I”ve at least 99 blogs I’m not kidding, not all at the same time of course, but back then, i designed and destroyed, I’ve learned but still every now and then i get bored and I try something different

  2. I used to enjoy designing blogs and had several on the go at the same time. Have now dwindled them down to one, with everything else going on the remaining one is enough to manage. I do still like to change the look of it though, which reminds me, it’s a while since I did that.

  3. Congratulations on the 200 plus followers. I know you’ve had bloggers come and go over the years here and at My Poetic Path, who have decided not to continue blogging, for whatever reason. Looks like a fun bunch of people stopping by now though, that’s great.

  4. I’m thankful you found my blog and follow it. I’ve enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, learning new things, and developing friendships, something I never anticipated when I started to blog.

  5. And congrats on 200!

  6. Hi Lorraine, It is fun to try something different but I’ve never been able to delete my discontinued blogs, even if I’m not posting at them anymore. Just too much heart and soul put into posts for that. 😉

    Hi Jackie, Thank you!

    Hi Val, Sometimes one is just the right number. 😉

    Hi Joe, That’s the only sad part, so many blogs I enjoyed over the years have come and gone. But once in a while, happily, I find these old blog pals at a new blog home. That’s great. New blog friends are great too.

    Hi Patti, I hope you enjoy the posts here too Patti and thanks!

    Happy Weekend, G

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