Every time I look at this photo, I smile!

It goes without saying, this is definitely a Mr. Cheddar approved reblog.

Thanks to Hands on Bowie, one of mine and Chedster’s new fav blogs.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! :<)

Hands on Bowie & Jimi

Keep your paws dry. Mr. Bowie, here’s a reality check: if you are out there in wet conditions—which could entail heavy rain showers, dew-soaked grass or melting snow—your paws are going to get wet. So-called “waterproof” paw-wear will not keep your paws dry. Don’t believe advertisements that make such claims. They are false.


I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form.
“Come in,” she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”

“Shelter from the Storm” – Bob Dylan

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6 responses

  1. That was wonderful so funny…

  2. Thank you very much, Geraldine. Mr. Bowie says “Hello” to Mr. Cheddar…

  3. Someone sure looks like he wants rescuing! It always amuses me how much trouble a feline will go through to avoid wet paws. I think my canine is part cat… 😉

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. Hi Lorraine, I agree! 😉

    Hi Herman, Thanks for stopping in Herman. This photo of Bowie kept coming to mind, thought my readers would enjoy seeing it here too. 😉

    Hi Green Light Lady, You’ve got that right! Although we did have one cat, beautiful: Tasha, years ago, who actually liked being sprayed by a fine mist of the hose. Just loved it. Go figure. 😉

    Happy Weekend, G and Mr. C

  5. Bowie is one cool little dude. Smart too. I love this photo. It looks like a bus shelter.

  6. Bowie is a very sensible cat. You have reminded me that my cat would never, ever get her paws wet. Can’t say I blame her, either.

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